Just like the diseases and ailments it treats, cannabis has no boundaries. People in countries all over the world have found relief with marijuana.

Sadly, most countries don’t recognize the medicinal value of cannabis, following the lead of the U.S. government. But the story of the man (from Australia) in the video below shows that there are people in every country who need the help of the cannabis plant.

This man uses cannabis to fight the effects of chemotherapy treatment, one of the more common medical uses of marijuana.

Joe Klare

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  1. aklseshnz

    thanks for speaking up Lance…bless you, may you have a speedy recovery. For ANY government to deny people safe access to quality cannabis is pure evil! SAFE ACCESS NOW!

  2. DANIEL_7322

    It is said that in larger doses THC inhinits matastasizing of cancer cells and also (forgive me as I have forgotten the term) turns on the signal that tells cells to die. This is something that cancer cells do not do readily and why they become tumors. The THC does not affect healthy cells. Some call it a cure for cancer and some have also claimed to cure their cancer in this way. If so, prohibition is a crime against humanity. It is greed based and goes against everything that the plant “wispers” to us when we indulge. I’m sorry, does that sound crazy to you? Probably not as crazy as prohibition is to me.

  3. isabelle

    thankyou for this…i believe that this also has prevented Lupus from totally destroying my body,mind and spirit..im praying for a solution for all people that need this

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