Today the Israeli government approved guidelines for the supervision and regulation of medical cannabis. The Prime Minister’s media adviser said in a statement, “the Health Ministry will – in coordination with the Israel Police and the Israel Anti-Drug Authority – oversee the foregoing and will also be responsible for supplies from imports and local cultivation.”

In other words, the Israeli government is going to dispense medical cannabis to the country’s roughly 6,000 patients. It would seem that is better than nothing, but Canadian patients haven’t had a very good experience with the cannabis their government is responsible for. The quality can often be below par, which is not a good attribute for medical marijuana.

On the bright side, Israel is one of the few countries in the world to recognize the medicinal value of cannabis on a federal level. It seems their government has more compassion for sick people than does that of The United States.

Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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  1. Mark

    “…and will also be responsible for supplies from imports and local cultivation.”

    IMPORTS!?!? Importing marijuana, even for medicinal use is contrary to UN international treaties on the traficking of psycotropic drugs.

    Can cannabis even be KOSHER?

  2. Duncan20903

    “It seems their government has more compassion for sick people than does that of The United States.”

    Well that sure isn’t saying much. You could find more empathy and compassion at a KKK cross burning ceremony than in the annals of the US Government. The truth of the matter is that the Jews are interested in using science and empirical evidence for forming their public policies. They just don’t consider bald faced lies, half truths and hysterical rhetoric to be a valid platform for decisions that can have the result of the causing sick people to suffer more than needed.
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    Mark, you are 100% mistaken about your assertion that the 1961 Single Convention Treatment would prohibit Israel or any one else in establishing medicinal protocols for drugs on the naughty list. Great Britain allows doctors to write prescriptions for heroin when indicated as long as the patient is older than age 3. They import their supply. Oh but please don’t call it heroin. The Brits prefer that it be called diamorphine.

    Here’s the protocol for treating children with diamorphine from the National Health Service:

    …and here’s the NHS protocol (among others) for using heroin as pain relief for women giving birth:
    Man the 1961 Single Convention has got to be the most beaten up straw man of all times. But he keeps pulling himself together and then comes back for more. He’s at least a glutton for punishment and perhaps is a total masochistic pain puppy.

    The Single Convention just doesn’t wield the cudgel that so many people think it does. Signatories may withdraw from it. As a matter of fact Bolivia did just that last month.×1463986

    If the US decides to re-legalize pot what the heck is the UN going to do, arrest the fucking United States of America and put us in jail? Send NATO forces in and declare martial law?

    That treaty was strong armed into existence by Harry J Anslinger and the USA and most certainly is the bastard progeny of the USA’s prosecution of the war on (some) drugs. If we withdraw the most likely thing that would happen is that a very large number of countries would say, “god I’m glad that’s over with”, and withdraw as well. They only do it because the US pays them to participate.
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    quoted from link above:

    “Recognizing that the medical use of narcotic drugs continues to be indispensable for the relief of pain and suffering and that adequate provision must be made to ensure the availability of narcotic drugs for such purposes…”

  3. Skittlesboris

    Cannabis is not only kosher it is mentioned in Genesis on the third day … created the grasses and the herbs bearing seeds … and it was good. Furthermore it is also part of the sacred incense recipe for use on the alter mentioned in Exodus. Incorrectly translated as calimus for the Greeks by rabbis to protect the true recipe. Calimus is a worthless reed and smells like paper or grass when burned. It has no place in fragrant incense. Cannabosum, however, is something even the God of Israel loves.

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