Things are moving forward in Colorado, as evidenced by the news advisory issued today by the folks at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

DENVER, CO —  Police officers, judges and other criminal justice professionals who once enforced Colorado’s marijuana prohibition laws are now helping to get an initiative to legalize and regulate marijuana onto the state’s 2012 ballot. This Wednesday a former Denver cop and a former Lafayette judge will participate in a signature gathering drive to support the new initiative by the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.

“During my 36 years as a Denver cop I arrested more people for marijuana than I care to remember, but it didn’t amount to one bit of good for our citizens,” said Tony Ryan, a former officer with the Denver Police Department and a board member for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. “Keeping marijuana illegal doesn’t do anything to reduce marijuana use, but it does benefit the gangs and cartels who control the currently illegal marijuana trade.”

WHO: Cop and judge who support legalizing marijuana
WHAT: Signature gathering effort for 2012 marijuana initiative
WHEN: Wednesday, August 3 at 1:00 PM MT
WHERE: In front of the Denver City and County building, 1437 Bannock St., Denver

Another member of LEAP, former Lafayette judge Leonard Frieling, added, “When so many murders, rapes and robberies go unsolved, it makes absolutely no sense to keep taking up space in our courtrooms and jails with people arrested for marijuana possession. And even on the distribution end, no matter how many drug cartels and gangs we bust, there are always more criminals willing to step up and risk their lives and freedom for a chance at lucrative black market profits. Our state’s voters have the power to strike a bigger blow against organized crime with this initiative to treat marijuana like alcohol than any amount of skill and dedication in the criminal justice system ever can.”

The anti-prohibition law enforcers are just a few members of a huge statewide effort to collect signatures to place the marijuana legalization initiative on next year’s ballot. More information about the initiative and details about how to get involved in the signature gathering drive can be found at

Signature gathering is the backbone of much of the cannabis activism in this country. Not only to put initiatives on the ballot, but to show the strength of the numbers of the marijuana law reform community.

Press generated for cannabis is a good thing, and LEAP is a great organization with a lot of credibility among “the establishment” because they are former law enforcement officers and judicial officials. They were on the front lines in The War on Drugs and have seen its futility. There is a better way than prohibition.

Joe Klare

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  1. Mike Parent

    As a member of L.E.A.P., I take pride in what Judge Frieling and Officer Ryan are doing. Prohibitionist always try to discredit anyone who is anti Prohibition, but credible people, who have considerable experience with Drug Prohibition derail that tactic. Their Ad Hominem attacks won’t work against Law Enforcement professionals. Once actual facts are debated, the Prohibitionist’s Red Herring arguments evaporate like a snow ball in Hades.
    Fighting 40 years of government funded propaganda is no easy task, but it is doable.
    Treat marijuana Exactly as we do alcohol, the model is in place.
    Ron Paul 2012
    Dems and Reps, different pages from the same bad book!

  2. Duncan20903

    I am very grateful for the very existence of LEAP. I really found the rhetorical device of the Know Nothing prohibitionists, “Do you really believe that taking any If you need proof that (some) drugs are horridly heinous and unhealthful just ask any police officer” to be highly annoying and enjoy linking to LEAP’s home page and saying, “well I just asked of 12,000 law enforcement professionals, and they all agree that you’re clueless.”

    But almost as good they seem to have abandoned that particular piece of hysterical rhetoric.

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