Reports are coming in from all over Michigan of dispensaries closing after the recent appeals court ruling that banned all medical marijuana sales in the state.

Dispensaries have closed in Lansing, Oak Park, Detroit and at the center of the controversy, Isabella county. Raids have also taken place in Ann Arbor this morning as police could be seen carrying boxes out of the building housing the A2 Go Green Corp. on Main Street.

There also numerous reports of patients going to their local dispensary, looking for answers, wondering what they will do about getting their medicine.

The handmade sign on the door of the A2 dispensary in Ann Arbor really says it all. “We are temporarily closed!! Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Joe Klare

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  1. tyler

    If the country would legalize it like alcohol or tobacco and stop arresting ppl for it we would be out of debt with other countries and the war wuld end because nobody want to cause harm wen they are high on marijuana

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