The art of indoor cannabis growing is multifaceted and complex. If you stick a marijuana seed in some dirt and put it in the closet under a desk lamp, you’re going to get what you put in: nothing.

But if you’re serious about indoor growing and are willing to give your plants the care and love they deserve, then you’re ready to learn “The Secrets of The West Coast Masters.”

The new book “The Secrets of The West Coast Masters” by Dru West takes you step by step through the secrets of some of the best growers in the world: How to train and care for your plants to get maximum yield, how to set up your grow room, even how to build your own grow equipment.

Dru West has spent the last 15 years traveling the country designing, managing, and consulting for numerous grow operations where he learned and perfected a wide variety of techniques for growing monster indoor plants. A cannabis grower, caretaker and patient from Bend, Oregon, Dru and his fellow masters gathered on the west coast to develop the secret techniques that can be found in “The Secrets of The West Coast Masters.” As Dru says, “love your plants and they will love you back.”

The book is not only filled with incredible pictures, but also easy-to-follow instructions and lists of what you’ll need to achieve every step that will allow you to yield a pound or more per plant indoors.

The plants that many growers produce are vital to medical marijuana patients all across this country. The quality and yield from each plant is imperative to the patients it helps.

Whether you are growing in soil, coco coir or hydroponically, you aren’t growing as much as you can unless you know “The Secrets of The West Coast Masters.”

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Joe Klare