Two groups in Ohio are moving forward with efforts to legalize medical marijuana in the state. Both groups are grassroots, and one is led by a group of  patients who are attempting to amend the Ohio constitution.

The second group is behind The Ohio Medical Cannabis Act of 2012, which would set up a new regulatory system to govern medical marijuana, modeled after the state liquor regulatory board.

Under the bill, patients with a doctor’s prescription would be able to purchase up to 60 grams of cannabis at a time and would be allowed to transport as much as 200 grams. Patients would also be allowed to grow 12 plants in their home, but permits would be needed to grow and sell medical cannabis.

Teresa Daniello, 43, of Cleveland, said backers of the ballot proposal are a “core group of patients” who want Ohioans to be able to use medical marijuana for specific illnesses and to ease the suffering of those with terminal diseases.

“I am a patient. I do not want to be criminalized, nor do I want to be on 12 Percocets (a prescription painkiller) a day for the rest of my life.”

In the end, that’s what it comes down to. Sick people don’t deserved to be criminalized or made to feel shame for choosing a safer alternative to deadly and addictive prescription drugs.

The group needs 1,000 initial valid signatures to submit the constitutional amendment to the state Attorney general, and after that they will need more than 385,000 signatures to get the issue on the 2012 ballot.

Joe Klare

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  1. Mema Gop

    I am so happy! This is just what Ohio Needs. We need it now. SO lets all start working toward one goal and lets kick the greed out of weed!!!!!

    Lets all work together as one!

  2. Marc Romain

    I am running for The United States Congress on a platform AGAINST the War on Drugs.

    Other than those who have vested financial interests in not seeing the truth –such as the Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Prison Industrial Complex/“Treatment” industries, -most people who talk about The War on Drugs agree that it is a failure on every front but what to do…? What can any one person do…? On the day that I or anyone else who subscribes to my plan takes office in a position with pardon power, THE DRUG WAR IS OVER in that jurisdiction. While a Governor or a President can’t write law or usually even determine what on the books is enforced, pre-emptive online pardons for drug law violations from that day forward will stop it on day one. When coupled with a requirement that any distribution have occurred in warning covered packages while banning advertising promotions, usage will drop, -with a precipitous decline in the murders, corruptions, overdoses, environmental poisonings, funding of terrorist/criminal elements, wrong or “right” house raids, horrific imprisonments and other problems caused by the War on Drugs. -Marc Romain

  3. Mike

    Cannabis prohibition is a crime against humanity. Cannabis is the greatest medicinal plant on the planet. Free cannabis for everyone.

    Just say now.

  4. DANIEL_7322

    Cannabis prohibition is indeed a crime against humanity. There’s just nothing on the planet as useful. Everything from reduceing co2 in the atmosphere to decontaminating of radio-active soil to feeding starving nations (this would take a serious decrease in greed to accomplish) etc., etc, but you knew that. Save atomic energy, cannabis prohibition is the biggist blunder ever made by man.

  5. JDev

    I agree with the fact that, that Cannabis prohibition is not right. If you look at all the facts of the uses in cannabis there’s a great deal of useful things that can come of it, other than the simple fact of its medical uses, you can use it for cooking, rope, clothes, paper, oils, ect. If they where able to tax it right it could also be the single one thing that would get us out of all this debt.

  6. Billy Baker

    Cannabis prohibition is a crime against humanity. Cannabis is the greatest medicinal plant on the planet. Free cannabis for everyone.

  7. Neil Rosengarden

    I love it. It helps my back pain. I don’t want to take morphine forever. Let’s do this soon, okay? Cut the sh*t, and get on it!!!

  8. Alex Swingley

    I VOTE YES TO LEGALIZATION! Also, when does voting on Legalization start? I will be more than happy to sign the petition!!!!

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