One of the arguments used by opponents of medical marijuana in Montana is that MMJ was making weed more available to teenagers. Of course, we all know that having outlets that check I.D’s dispense marijuana is never going to result in an increase of those without I.D’s getting more marijuana. Besides, if a teenager wants to smoke weed, they can simply visit the drug dealer next door who never asks how old you are.

All this is born out by a new survey out of Montana that shows a reduction over the past two years in teens smoking pot. In a survey of 9,000 Montana high school students, 39% said they have tried marijuana, down from 42% two years ago.

When asked if they used marijuana in the past month, 21% said yes, down from 23% two years ago, and 25% in 1999. Other survey results showed that alcohol use is down, as is cigarette smoking, and seat-belt use is up.

But wait? Wasn’t medical marijuana supposedly ripping apart the very fabric of Montana society? It seems the reports of the state’s demise have been greatly exaggerated by opponents of medical marijuana for the purposes of overturning a voter-approved law.

The next time you hear someone demonizing medical cannabis, just remember that they are lying through their teeth to get you on their side. But if their side is so good, why do they need to lie?

Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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  1. Charles Queen

    If our government did the right thing and legalized marijuana for adult use nation wide it would bring many positive changes to our ountry.Many country’s have already done so with others preparing to do so.The tax revenuses alone should be incentive enough.These country’s have all seen very significant drops in drug related crimes as well as bvery significant drops in the numbers of teens using it as well.Our country and peole are no diferent that any of these other country’s and their people so it only stands to reason that we too would be enjoying the same positive aspects of it being legalized as they do

  2. Liz The research population is meant to be representative & therefore generalizable to the larger population of teens in this study. 9,000 is also a fairly sizable sample size so I’m not quite sure what you’re getting at. Are you suggesting this study may be invalid? The major limitation I can see is response bias, however, with the increasing acceptance of (medical) marijuana, people are more likely to respond accurately. …just sayin’.

  3. DANIEL_7322

    Liz (above), I’m pretty sure that the point that the author was trying to make is that regulation does not result in increased use by teens. It’s the nay-sayers who expect or at least pretend to believe that If you are allowed to purchase cannabis, that either you or the despencery will sell it to teens. That would be the only logical reason for increased availability to teens, like they have a hard time getting weed now. The other reasoning would be that a teen knows that you use cannabis safely and that because of the lies told to them, they now will rebel and start smoking it. Better to keep lieing to them and anyone else who does not know better. I know that my statements are a little slanted but these are the same tactics used by the evil ones (you know who you are).

  4. mark


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