Proponents looking to legalize marijuana in California can now begin the arduous process of gathering some 505,000 signatures by December 19th in order to place a ballot initiative on next year’s slate. The ballot measure would legalize and regulate marijuana like beer and wine-making.

The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 would legalize cannabis for recreational use, leaving those who grow for their own use untaxed, but taxation would be levied against those who sell marijuana.

Unlike last year’s Proposition 19, this measure would require statewide regulation of cannabis under the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The measure is backed by former CA gubernatorial candidate Steve Kubby – who was one of the people behind CA Prop 215 – and former Orange County Superior Court Judge James Gray.

The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act would also direct the state and federal governments to avoid assisting the federal government in prosecuting marijuana crimes.

After last year’s defeat of Prop 19, advocates believe next year’s Presidential election will bring out more voters under the age of 30, putting legalization over the top at the ballot box.

It certainly remains to be seen how things shake out in CA. The first test will be the signature gathering that will take place the rest of this summer and fall. The ease with which signatures come in – or difficulty – will be a good gauge of the CA electorate and their current attitude toward legalization.

Joe Klare

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  1. Daniel Eggink

    Its very good but not as potent as our Trinity County ordanance legalizing cannabis,”Marijuana,Hemp” and restricting Law enforcement activities agenst cannabis growers in our County. Our ordinance takes the position that cultivation is a God given, natural right that cannot be abridged by Federal or State Statute. We already have enough signed patitions to be on the next ballot.

  2. Kyle

    Why can’t this stuff happen in new York I’ve been trying to convince people that it is a natural right that anyone can posses depending on their opinion you can’t outlaw mother nature that’s insanity here in net York the governments very strict about marijuana laws and extremely closed minded if we were to do a petition I’d be the first to sighn and 75 percent of new Yorks population would follow I’m sure

  3. Mike

    I cannot emphasize enough that hippies, stoners, and others that fit marijuana stereotypes need to stay out of the spotlight for this fight. Every time the elderly and conservative right see a pot protest they get enraged and head straight to the polls to vote against initiatives like this. People who can’t form decent sentences end up hurting the cause. Please, support the measure, talk to your friends, donate to organizations, but DON’T PROTEST! Let those of us who know how to work elections work this issue. That being said, if a 2012 initiative doesn’t pass, BURN IT TO THE GROUND!

  4. Ed Martiszus, RN

    I want to come to Ca to help gather signatures for the 2012 initiative. I have lots of experience in Oregon doing this type of work. In fact, I have been working on OR’s Oregon Cannabis Tax Act for 2012. I’ll need to be paid. Email me. Thanks. Respectfully, Ed Martiszus, RN

  5. OcStoNeR420

    First of all I just wanna say…THANK GOD I LIVE IN CALI!!! woop woop. I have my med card so I could careless if they pass it or not. If they do pass it they’ll probably just tax it up the ass anyways. Forget that. I think its fine as it is. Pretty much anyone can get a med card anyways and actually you can get your med card at 18. If they legalize it you would have to be 21. Its dumb, leave it as is. And ANDREW your a freakin idiot. do your research.

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