Last week we reported on North Carolina’s medical marijuana bill, HB 577, which would bring legal medical marijuana to the state. Now that bill is in danger of dying in committee.

The bill’s sponsor is circulating a discharge petition to get the bill out of committee, and it needs the signatures of 61 state representatives to force the bill to the floor. Residents of NC can contact their reps here, and urge them to sign the petition to pull HB 577 out of committee.

Below is a video of  a recent public hearing in North Carolina over medical marijuana, where the sponsor updates everyone on the status of HB 577.

Joe Klare

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  1. Mema Gop

    Thanks for the article, Everyone please call their reps! With out this, everything will have to start all over. Can you wait that long? I could not if it where my state!

  2. Trey

    I just got finished emailing my reps. I wish I found out about this earlier, so I could have given them more notice and personalized the emails a little more (the ones I sent out seem a little rigid right now, almost cookie cutter. Better than nothing though, I think.) I hope it’s not too late.

    It would be a shame to have to start all over.

  3. Elizabeth

    Hey, I suggestions that everyone to finds their NC House of Reps. and call them directly.. I would like to found out about the votes coming up in Nov. and it need a new commissioner that are very supporting in that law since the as*hole commissioner Steven La Roque WON’T pass that law and the law has been fighting for 21 yrs.. We all need a new commissioner ASAP.. It’s time for Steven La Roque to go home !!!!!!

  4. Elizabeth

    The as*hole commissioner Steven La Roque kept on veto it and told people that he DOESN’T care about this law and said that he NEVER going to let it pass that law… If he accepting then signs it and our gov. Beverly Prude’ll signs that law.. It’s not worthy to vote Steven again and have him to be sent home and shut up about that law.. Steven DOESN’T respect cannabis as a medicaines and he’s discrimination cannabis BIG TIME.. Let’s vote someone else beside Steven…

  5. James

    No name calling needed just someone who will listen to the people who put them where they are today. We the people of NC derserve the rights as every “Free American” to the freedom of Speech and rights to make our own decisions. We choose Medical Marijuana and it’s many uses. We are suppose to be a FREE Counrty Right. Doesn’t seem FREE to Me. Love My Counrty but wonder about our Goverment sometimes.

  6. debra s

    i have chronic pain epiliesy and high blood pressure and is in pain all the time and i believe medical marijuana should be legal for people who need it. if they are not going to leagalize it then they need to take booze off of the shelves and not be able to sell it either and make money off of the booze since its worse for you than the medical marijuana is. it would be better than the so called pain pills the drs give you that dont do nothing for the pain.this state must not need the money they could make from it. if north carolina dont pass the bill there is other states where it is legal

  7. debra s

    all north carolina legislators and so on vote to legalize medical marijuana so people dont have to take pain pills thats going to kill them so vote yes to medical marijuana

  8. bryan jackson

    Please help us get this it is a blessing that all this is happening in the first place lets not let it pass us bye guys and gals get your voice out there!

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