Former talk show host and medical marijuana patient Montel Williams plans on opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, CA and Monday he gave reporters and patients a tour of the facility. He also held a press conference in which he talked about his battle with Multiple Sclerosis and how cannabis has helped him.

The Albatin Wellness Cooperative, as the establishment is known, is located in midtown Sacramento, and Montel hopes it will be a welcoming place for patients.

“We’ve been caught up in culture surrounding medical marijuana that’s 20 years old,” Williams said. “While adhering to every single state law, we want to provide safe access for patients and really medicalize this. Patients should be put first.”

He decided to partner with the marijuana cooperative’s director, Aundre Speciale, a friend he met two years ago and with whom he shares a philosophy of making medical marijuana available along with patient counseling and a standardized product.

As I’ve said before, Montel Williams is one of the few celebrities who speaks out for medical marijuana patients on a regular basis. A great deal of the publicity medical cannabis gets is because of him. He has also helped change the laws in several states through his advocacy for medical marijuana rights.

Montel says he will be “involved at every level of the cooperative, from the philosophical direction down to the blueprints.” A true champion of medical marijuana who fights his own daily battle with constant pain and manages to fight for others as well.

“It’s absurd. I can go get morphine pumped into my system and nobody’s got a problem,” Montel said. “But all of a sudden they’re really worried if I smoked a joint.”

The predicament of so many patients; luckily there is a high-profile voice out there speaking for them.

Joe Klare

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  1. Ken Austin

    How do I get Montel Williams along with his Physician Experts
    to come and help put Medical Marijuana on the table in Tennessee? I am a Polio survivor from the mid 50’s and now suffer from chronic Post Polio Syndrome. Like MS, there is no cure and I suffer major neurological pain constantly. There are over 3 million people in the U.S. who suffer from Post Polio Syndrome like me. I look forward to hopefully hearing from Mr. Williams. In Tennessee, the Bible belt, Marijuana is still considered to be as bad as heroin. We, Post Polio Syndrome suffer’s need your help. Thank You.
    Ken Austin
    Age 58

  2. Ken Austin

    Montel, we need your help in Tennessee.
    I am a Polio survivor from the 1950’s and now suffer from chronic Post Polio Syndrome. PLease help us rid our Legislature
    of their “Reefer Madness” mentality.

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