As we’ve noted here already, powerful forces have been attempting to destroy Colorado’s entire medical marijuana infrastructure, leaving law-abiding MMJ patients at risk. This is of great concern to anyone in a medical marijuana state, because up till now, Colorado has been seen as one of the leaders of the MMJ movement and a state that “does it right”. Protection for patients is even part of the state constitution, so you’d think things would be pretty safe there. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Kathleen Chippi of the Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project recently posted an urgent plea on Reddit to let people know about the situation. Apparently, the new rules that have been cooked up prevent anyone from driving or working if they have any detectable marijuana in their body, which basically makes being a MMJ patient illegal in the state of Colorado unless you (a) live in a nursing home or (b) are independently wealthy and can afford a driver and don’t have to work.

How serious is this? Ms. Chippi says that “Patients all over the state are not renewing or registering with the (optional) state registry, due to the fact that they will be recorded live via video/internet by the Dept of Revenue Medical Marijauna Enforcement Division and it will be shared with the DEA.” And the state’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division is helping police bust suspected illegal gardens…in fact, there was just a raid yesterday in Denver.

These kinds of shenanigans — from the very legislators and law enforcement that we law-abiding citizens trust to protect us — are unacceptable in a free, modern, and educated society. If you’re in any position to help the people in Colorado, please consider doing so!