As we’ve noted here already, powerful forces have been attempting to destroy Colorado’s entire medical marijuana infrastructure, leaving law-abiding MMJ patients at risk. This is of great concern to anyone in a medical marijuana state, because up till now, Colorado has been seen as one of the leaders of the MMJ movement and a state that “does it right”. Protection for patients is even part of the state constitution, so you’d think things would be pretty safe there. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Kathleen Chippi of the Patient and Caregiver Rights Litigation Project recently posted an urgent plea on Reddit to let people know about the situation. Apparently, the new rules that have been cooked up prevent anyone from driving or working if they have any detectable marijuana in their body, which basically makes being a MMJ patient illegal in the state of Colorado unless you (a) live in a nursing home or (b) are independently wealthy and can afford a driver and don’t have to work.

How serious is this? Ms. Chippi says that “Patients all over the state are not renewing or registering with the (optional) state registry, due to the fact that they will be recorded live via video/internet by the Dept of Revenue Medical Marijauna Enforcement Division and it will be shared with the DEA.” And the state’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division is helping police bust suspected illegal gardens…in fact, there was just a raid yesterday in Denver.

These kinds of shenanigans — from the very legislators and law enforcement that we law-abiding citizens trust to protect us — are unacceptable in a free, modern, and educated society. If you’re in any position to help the people in Colorado, please consider doing so!

  • ed

    Believe it or nor it is incredibly worse up here in Montana. Our new law is so nice to patients providers can only have three patients and cannot be compensated, oh ya you get to have your fingerprints given to the fbi as well. Check out

  • EgadsNo

    Yay nobody has to work again- we all have decarboxylated cannabinoids in our system.

  • 420 Colorado

    I think Colorado has the worst pot laws in the country right now. Law enforcement and the regulators are a bunch of clowns. All any patient wants to do is chill out and puff some weed, not fill out more paperwork than tax time just to smoke a bowl. The cameras are real too, they enter your information into a special computer and send your purchases $$ to the DEA and DOR.

  • Ll

    How can this be true? Obama says that his justice department leaves MMJ patients alone.

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  • Mr Ganja

    Obama smoked it, perhaps he has some left in his body and we go after him. Ok, seriously. Regulation is one thing and sadly its being accepted in order to get laws passed but people who make laws tend to be like the guy with a new hammer and all he can see it nails..EVERYWHERE!

    Anything thing its time yet? Its time…

    What should happen is to have a national day of protest to all things wrong with our government.

    1 day, call it 12 weeks before election day. Whatever day that is. I am not joking I am dead serious. Every group that has any kind of issue with our system as it currently is.

    Every time we read the news or turn on the channel its always about new laws on this or regulating that. The only time its not is when its about more taxes on everything.. well accept the upclass. They are not affected in their ivory towers, notice that?

    IF and I know this is a massively huge IF, but if we could even get 100 different groups to work together on this and all agree that as much as we disagree on everything else, we all agree on this one thing.

    The Government needs to NOT be the largest things in our lives. It shouldn’t be, it was intended to NOT be a part of our lives by our founding father. Who interestingly enough probably would fail those tests cause if they were growing it and history says there were, you damn well they were smoking it too!

    Anyone else interested collectively in trying to collectively making something like this happen?

    On our own the government can afford to not listen, but collectively we might be able to affect incredible change and I will say it one last time.

    I think now is the Time!

  • Rob

    Li, your joking right? Rule number one: Don’t believe any politician’s words, only their actions.

  • NWO equals OWN reversed

    This is why I have never registered.I knew the privacy protection would be violated eventually. I do a few things security wise to keep me mostly covered. I always keep my recommendation up to date. I never travel with my mmj or paraphernalia , so it can never be found in my vehicle or on my person.

    No visitors are ever in my house. My small closet grow has 2 carbon filters, over kill really, but NO SMELL PERIOD.One filter inside the closet extracts and one filter outside the closet in my bedroom intakes filtered air into the closet so the air is scrubbed twice, and even then I use an Ona Fan on top of a jar of Ona Fresh Linen.

    I also use a smoke buddy to exhale pipe tokes that filters the smoke and only use my bedroom to medicate so there is no mmj odor in my house, no growing or smoke odor, no suspicion at all.

    I never toke outside, period. Neighbors have no idea and I’ve kept it that way for a long time now. My visual appearance looks of a middle-aged well-spoken Republican,khaki pants and collared shirt wearing and clean cut, and even had a cop ask me once if I were a cop.

    I go through a lot to keep my private life “private”. It’s no one’s business. The registry is corrupted to the core.After almost a 10 yr dependency on Methadone daily for chronic back and hip pain and elevated liver enzymes,mmj helped me get off Methadone,and also enabled me to become more active, gave me a better outlook on life,and manages my pain better than Methadone did.

    I used to weigh around 245 lbs. but within a few months of becoming Methadone free I weigh just under 200 lbs.

    The legalization movement is the only thing I can foresee to put an end to the bureaucracy and redtape involved with mmj. 100% legalization with nothing requiring a medical need. This is the only way I see the officials being stopped from constantly tightening the noose on mmj regulations.

    Look at Alaska for example.Possession of less than 25 plants is protected under the Alaska Constitution’s right to privacy.But if you register for mmj in Alaska your plant limit drops down to 6. See , even Alaska has screwed up laws, so an Alaskan is better off not registering.

    As long as one need’s another’s approval for marijuana use the oppressive authorities are going to cause you grief. A push for blanket legalization is the only way to get them out of mmj users hair.

  • TheDeacon

    At least you won’t go to jail for possessing 1 gram of Marijuana like you will in Iowa!

  • tj

    If you haven’t figured out Obama (and all politicians for that matter) are liars then you need to wake up and smell the coffee..

  • Mok

    Many other states such a oregon have this on the books already for driving.

  • Tara Woman of Feathers

    @Mr Ganja & @NWO equals OWN reversed … There is such a group … it’s and can also be found on Willie Nelson’s TeaPot Party Facebookj Page.
    There are now chapters in every state (even CO) so go to the website or “like” the FB page and get activated … :)

  • Ll

    Rob, yeah I was joking, but I also said it because there might be one person left who still believes Obama when he says that he’s leaving medical marijuana patients alone and when he says that Science, not politics, is guiding his “enlightened” administration.

    I read an article the other day where the author actually praised Obama for leaving MMJ states alone, and this was posted on one of the larger marijuana advocacy websites.

    Obama is no more enlightened than Bush 1 or Bush 2 was. In fact, all of the statistical trend lines for bad things have just been getting steeper under Obama.

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  • JoeR

    LI, did you even read the article? This is about power hungry and greediness happening at the state level pushed by lobbyists of the dispensaries, and make no mistake, we would not be in this situation if not for the dispensaries and their lobbyists. This particular issue has zero to do with Obama.

  • Whatajoke

    What we are all up against is an established industry (no news about that) which is paid with federal dollars to pull a 2 inch male plant out of the ground and tell the press it has made a “substantial impact” on regional drug abuse. Every starter plant = one to two grand by their self-serving formula. All lies and deception. The medical pot initiative, which seems like a toe in the door, is way too vulnerable to political tinkering … they can kill it by way of a billion ordinances, Yes, it is going to have to be decriminalized across the board.

  • Scott

    I do believe that this part was removed???

    Patients all over the state are not renewing or registering with the (optional) state registry, due to the fact that they will be recorded live via video/internet by the Dept of Revenue Medical Marijauna Enforcement Division and it will be shared with the DEA.”

    And LOL the Editor missed that they spelled marijuana wrong!

  • kathleen

    Mr Ganja–do you have contact info you can post to get this organized?

    please email to

  • Ll

    JoeR, I read the article. It says that states are acting as informants for the DEA, and arresting patients, even though MMJ is legal under state law.

    What’s Obama got to do with all of this? Obama controls the DEA. Obama is the top cop over the entire nation. And Obama’s policies have expanded the war on drugs.

    Maybe you didn’t know that the federal government funds the war on drugs at every level. This explains why police eagerly attack patients in states where MMJ is legal and marijuana was decriminalized decades ago.

    Face facts. The war on drugs is Obama’s war now.

  • Ll

    By the way, the last time I smoked marijuana, Jimmy Carter was President.

    However, cancer runs in my family, and I already have a tumor in my abdomen. So, I would like to see a rational policy, meaning an end to prohibition, so that I can use this Godsend of a plant. And I now understand that Obama is unfortunately not the man to end prohibition.

  • Andrea

    “420 Colorado says:
    June 18, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    … The cameras are real too, they enter your information into a special computer and send your purchases $$ to the DEA and DOR.”

    I’m sorry, WHAT cameras are real? I just got my card last month and I didn’t have to do a video or anything. Could someone specifically say WHO is doing the recording?

  • Maui420L

    If they can start a revolution in the middle-east via social media, is everyone too stoned to start a social media peaceful world revolt to get real freedom…
    we can organize and vote them all out and people who think likee us and not like our fathers and grandfathers…
    its a new world and propaganda doesnt fly anymore in the age of the internet where “The Truth Shall Set You Free”…

  • Ll

    Andrea said “I’m sorry, WHAT cameras are real?”

    Google this ‘Patient and Medicine Tracking Database and Surveillance System’.

    Obama’s minions have decided to rescind patient privacy, if they use medical marijuana.

    This does not apply to patients who use opioids and other hard prescription drugs, just marijuana.

    Don’t you just love Obama? The cops and DEA agents sure do!

  • Colorado Patient

    The information will NOT be sent to the DEA! This is a lie and mis-information — it is no more invasive than when you buy your prescription drugs from a pharmacy.

    Please check with your local center for the correct information or better yet read the rules yourself – they are public.

  • Soul Tonix

    I am a dispensary owner in Montana. You guys better get organized in CO now, this is exactly how it started in Montana. If you don’t be proactive they will take it all away, like they have done here. These politicians are being paid by pharma, its a fact, look at the campaign contributions in my state. Every other patient who got up to speak in MT talked about how many prescriptions they no longer take thanks to mmj. Its all about money people, take it seriously, or loose everything. I am 10 days from having 3 commercial leases that I can’t do anything with, and no income to support my family. We are being accused of taking advantage, calling caregivers “marijuana millionaires” and ignorantly comparing our mmj system to the Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami that killed thousands. You would think someone stupid enough to make a statement like that would have no future in politics, but no, this a-hole is now a front-runner for Gov. Be organized, take it seriously, and help us stop this injustice. If they won’t let it be as MMJ then we need to fight for decriminalization, I need my medicine, how about you?

  • Dead Weight

    They all deserve to be spanked.

  • JvanMT

    Good luck soul tonix, I too live in Montana and already lost my job due to the federal raids on march 14. Hopefully our lawsuit or petition drive will pay off.

  • medical marijuana cards

    New law regarding to colardo is that provide a patient with written documentation, based upon the physician’s contemporaneous assessment of the patient’s medical history and current medical condition and a bona fide physician-patient relationship, stating that the patient has a debilitating medical condition and might benefit from the medical use of marijuana. No physician shall be denied any rights or privileges for the acts authorized by this subsection.

  • ja_sone

    At the risk of sounding like a tool of the man, I think there’s a tad bit of overreaction here.

    “new rules that have been cooked up prevent anyone from driving or working if they have any detectable marijuana in their body, ”

    How can they detect Marijuana in your system? There’s a hair follicle test, a urine test, a blood test, and a saliva test. The detection periods for each, in order, are approximately 6 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 weeks, and 12 hours. The blood test is the most expensive, and the most accurate, but it’s also considered the most invasive. The saliva test is the least expensive and the least invasive. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the saliva test is the one that Officer McNutbuster is going to give you if you’re suspected of driving under the influence. Now, maybe 12 hours is more than it takes for you to feel like you’ve sobered up, and maybe you feel like that’s an unreasonable window of time but I’ll bet to the average person, to the average voter, 12 hours is just about right.

    The bottom line is that unless you’re a 24/7 smoker, it wouldn’t prevent you from driving or working. Just don’t wake and bake.

  • tom jones

    Good I would like to see that and then have Texas legalize it. Colorado is a state that cannot be on it’s own. It is to easily influenced by California. Pretty state but to expensive for me

  • lordvapor

    yeah CO marijuana laws are terrible, I can drive to any of the hundreds of stores and legally buy pot. omg what has the world come to, life is hard.