On Saturday night the Montana Cannabis Industry Association held a rally in Kalispell to help raise money for the lawsuit they have filed in an attempt to stop SB 423 – a bill that will gut the vast majority of the state’s medical marijuana program.

The group raised $50,000 in four days to cover their initial legal fees, and expected to pass the $100,000 mark last night. Their lawsuit is seeking an injunction to stop implementation of SB 423; really the only hope for patients in the state until another medical marijuana bill can be put on the ballot and voted on.

Advocates expect the lawsuit to be a long-term project, and hopefully they can get the injunction before more patients are hurt and more businesses leave the state.

“It’s a wide range of people who are giving because there’s patients concerned about access,” said MCIA Board Member Kate Cholewa. “There’s people who have invested their life savings into their businesses and are concerned. Then there’s people who are upset because they feel like this is an insult to the voters.”

SB 423 is a monstrosity that the courts need to strike down. If not, the MCIA also plans to push a referendum in 2012 to let the voters decide (again) on medical marijuana in Montana.

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7 Responses

  1. Marijuantana

    My friends and family all smoke cannabis. We buy it from the black market which puts us at risk. Cannabis is safer than tobacco and alcohol and should be made available to anyone over 21. We already have a proven (conservative) system for distribution: the liquor store.

  2. LIAM

    i wish we had medical marijuana in ireland.my back goes into spasms of pain and i have to go to a nasty guy just to get some weed.its either that or painkillers and valium prescribed by my doc and that just zonks me.

  3. longbud

    This anti Montana Marijuana Militia is ridiculous. And it’s a crying shame that thousands of patients have to suffer. What harm have any of these people done?

  4. pappy420

    I am a caregiver and i have been growing for a paralyzed friend for 2 years free of charge. Now im the criminal and i have to turn in finger prints and pay twice as much to be a care giver then a card holder. They say we didn’t intend for the law to be like this when we voted. I for one voted for it and i know 1000’s of others did too.

  5. David Pinocci

    Think about all the people in prison from the past who were found guilty of sales of marijuana.Do you think its fair that they stay imprisoned for the same thing that care givers today are making money at it?It costs millions of tax$ a year to keep them incarcerated. What a waste of tax payers dollars all around.Now you want caregivers to provide this service for free instead of maybe making a few tax dollars for the state.Our elected officials need to take the heads out of the sand and really take a look at what there actually doing.It seams the would rather cut of there nose to spite their face then listen to the voters who passed a law and is now in the process of appeal without voters consent.Our constitutional rights are being taken away from us and it is just a matter of time before another issue comes up and it will effect all the people who are against medical marijuana. We are all in this together and we must fight for our freedom. We are all the same and in the same boat!

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