Earlier this year we reported on the emergence of people experimenting with a chemical powder known as “Bath Salts.” To some it would seem that it goes without saying that ingesting various combinations of man-made chemicals in an attempt to get high is not a good idea. But there are still some who need this vital piece of advice.

Bahad Mahmound was supposedly spotted in a Louisville, Kentucky grocery store gulping down liquid hand sanitizer. Naturally this prompted a call to the police, who found Mr. Mahmound in the parking lot yelling.

Authorities say Bahad was high on “Bath Salts” – leading to his bizarre behavior, which included running from the police and spitting on an officer before getting tazed.

It’s a funny story, but sad too if you think about what some people will do to themselves. Of course, this will spur more calls for banning these powders, something that will have no effect on their use. Education is the key. People are going to do what they want, but they deserve to know how dangerous it is to ingest these chemicals.

They also deserve to know about the safer, non-toxic high that comes from a well-grown cannabis plant. It’s ironic how evil the federal government makes marijuana sound when there are things like this going on.

Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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  1. Rev. Guido S. DeLuxe

    how do they know he was high on bath salts? was there residue left around his nostrils? then maybe. did he say that he was high on bath salts? even less likely… he could have just been crazy, and they chose bath salts as the most logical conclusion…

  2. Egap

    Bath salts…the new meth!…Been there done that and I agree that education is the way to address issues like these. How I ever survived years of tweeking I’ll never know but I’m here…Little bud is not a problem…

  3. ...

    That is not funny! I was got high on MDPV against my will at university: someone was smoking it in a restroom one evening & I walked in… it was fucking hellish, seriously torturous… that shit stayed in my clothes & body for a month after that single event & the effects was awful. It was one of the worst things to happen to me.

  4. ...

    My hypothesis is that he was after the alcohol; I know firsthand, that horrible drug, MDPV, causes horrible feelings which can be dulled with hard depressants like alcohol… it is, by far, the worst drug I’ve experienced (& I’ve practically done them all)… the depression & anxiety which goes on for many weeks after a single use, plus the psychosis, is enough to drive one to drink that crap.

  5. peace

    It doesnt make sense how some dumbass druggies are finding more and more things to get high off of!! now they gotta put bath salt behind the counter at stores. damn.

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