According to reports, the Canadian government plans to restrict medical marijuana growing to only those private businesses licensed by the government. This would make individual growing illegal, creating much hardship for patients who prefer cultivating their own medicine.

“By privatizing the industry, they’ll effectively be removing the rights of medical cannabis patients to produce their own cannabis,” said Adam Greenblatt, a spokesman for the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries. “That’s problematic because you have patients who spend many years trying to find the variety that works for them, and also because some patients have invested a lot of money in growing supplies.”

Authorities claim they don’t want individual growers out there bypassing electrical and safety laws, but it’s really more of a function of government control. They say they are privatizing the system, but the Canadian government will control who grows.

This leaves patients at the mercy of the Canadian government for their medicine; not the best of situations. Then again, the government doesn’t care about patient relief or convenience. In fact, they would rather medical marijuana didn’t exist in Canada at all, but while it does, they want as much control over it as possible.

With a Conservative government that is extremely hostile to cannabis now in place, I fear dark days ahead for patients up north, and this is just the beginning. Who would have ever thought that the day might come when Canadians would have to cross the southern (or western) border to increase their freedom when it comes to cannabis?

That day may be here soon.

Joe Klare

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  1. DANIEL_7322

    O.K.,quiz me if I’m wrong but won’t “prohibition” of cultivation of one’s own medication fuel a black market fire? Unless the Canadian government offers high quality cannabis at dirt cheap prices (I’m talikng about producing it on a farm like corn and then providing it for next to nothing, like corn,(farmers for the most part don’t get rich)), then someone else will more than likely continue to produce and sell it. In a perfect world no one gets rich selling crops and growing cannabis would be decided upon by asking one’s self… “do I want to include it in this year’s garden or use the space for tomatoes instead and simply buy my cannabis this year?”. Why so much overthinking about a weed? When wine once again became legal to posess and produce there were no hoops to jump through. It just went back to where it was prior to the mistake. The same should apply here.

  2. Subcool

    Sounds like the price of Cannabis is going back up. Sad for the med people but I am sure the hundreds of thousands of cash croppers are happy about the prospect of a raise!

    These days any attempt to stop humans from smoking a plant gives enjoyment is just futile and delaying the inevitable.


  3. Jessica

    This sucks. I was looking forward to moving to Canada and harvesting. Those a*s holes. This is going to create problems…

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