SB 847 – the bill that would set further restrictions on dispensaries, keeping them at least 600 feet from residential areas –  has made it’s way to the California Assembly Committee on Local Government, where it will be voted on soon.

This bill will further cripple the medical marijuana industry in California and make it much tougher for patients to find places to acquire their medication. These restrictions will effectively eliminate most dispensaries and collectives in California’s cities.

We have to halt this bill before it travels any further in the California legislature. Americans for Safe Access has an online action center for CA residents to use to contact their local representatives and urge them to vote against SB 847.

A discouraging trend of medical marijuana restriction attempts are cropping up in states like California, Montana and Colorado, states formally known as the bastions of medical freedoms.

It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter if medical marijuana is legal in your state, we still must work constantly to protect patients, lest the protections they have won at the ballot box or in the legislature be taken away.

Joe Klare

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