As we have been reporting here at The 420 Times, there are many changes currently underway in the state of Colorado in regards to medical marijuana, and it’s hard for some to keep up. So we wanted to put together a list of some of the things patients in CO will need to know moving forward.

1) Starting at the end of July, medical marijuana caregivers will have to offer patients things like housekeeping, transportation, and meal preparation, causing more of a financial burden on caregivers, which will result in many of them going out of business.

2) Beginning July 1st, anyone not registered with the State will not be able to get their medicine from a medical marijuana center.

3) Registering your medical marijuana use with the state means your information and videorecordings of your purchases will be shared with the CO Department of Revenue’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division and even worse, the DEA.

4) Under new rules, medical marijuana patients are not allowed to drive “under the influence” of medical marijuana, which means any blood THC content over zero. They are also not allowed to perform any task that could result in professional malpractice while “under the influence.” Basically, medical marijuana patients are not allowed to work or drive.

5) More is coming. If politicians in Colorado have shown us anything, it’s a propensity to tinker with the state’s medical marijuana law. Hopefully someday full legalization will come to Colorado, and instead of constantly bickering over MMJ, Colorado lawmakers can start bickering over rules and regulations for recreational use.

UPDATE:  According to Jason from Overgrow The Government – who spoke to activists in Colorado Springs tonight (6-27), #4 is “not attached to any law,” but it is language from the Health Department. It makes you wonder why the HD needs language that differs from state law, and what exactly law enforcement in CO plans to enforce.

Joe Klare with an assist from Old Hippie