As we have been reporting here at The 420 Times, there are many changes currently underway in the state of Colorado in regards to medical marijuana, and it’s hard for some to keep up. So we wanted to put together a list of some of the things patients in CO will need to know moving forward.

1) Starting at the end of July, medical marijuana caregivers will have to offer patients things like housekeeping, transportation, and meal preparation, causing more of a financial burden on caregivers, which will result in many of them going out of business.

2) Beginning July 1st, anyone not registered with the State will not be able to get their medicine from a medical marijuana center.

3) Registering your medical marijuana use with the state means your information and videorecordings of your purchases will be shared with the CO Department of Revenue’s Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division and even worse, the DEA.

4) Under new rules, medical marijuana patients are not allowed to drive “under the influence” of medical marijuana, which means any blood THC content over zero. They are also not allowed to perform any task that could result in professional malpractice while “under the influence.” Basically, medical marijuana patients are not allowed to work or drive.

5) More is coming. If politicians in Colorado have shown us anything, it’s a propensity to tinker with the state’s medical marijuana law. Hopefully someday full legalization will come to Colorado, and instead of constantly bickering over MMJ, Colorado lawmakers can start bickering over rules and regulations for recreational use.

UPDATE:  According to Jason from Overgrow The Government – who spoke to activists in Colorado Springs tonight (6-27), #4 is “not attached to any law,” but it is language from the Health Department. It makes you wonder why the HD needs language that differs from state law, and what exactly law enforcement in CO plans to enforce.

Joe Klare with an assist from Old Hippie

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  1. Mema Gop

    Those are B.S IF I could use cannabis I would be able to go back to work, but not if I lived in CO! That totally sucks and would mean that I would be required to stay living on my social security! Is this what it was meant to do! I was so looking forward to the chance of being able to go back to work, but with these rules and regulations that would stop all possibilities of that happening. However it would not stop me from using cannabis. but then I would have to justify myself at every turn as to why I can not work since I am so much better… Because the great state of CO says that I can not work or drive while I take cannabis. I would never work or drive under the influence, I would not even do that under the influence of alcohol. So why should I be punished by the state of Colorado, and then investigated by social security and my long term disability insurance provider???? They will find that I am now able to go to work, and then cut off all my funds. However the state of CO makes it impossible for me to work. I am so glad I decided not to move out to CO!!!

  2. Willie Lowman

    “If politicians in Colorado have shown us anything, it’s a propensity to tinker with the state’s medical marijuana law.”
    No, it is called regulation as in “tax, regulate and control” which is why so many of us medical marijuana patients voted against Prop 19 in California. Wake up and smell the ganja!!

  3. A P

    I guess your allowed to drive and work on pain meds that you are allowed to take. seems a little lop-sided if you ask me. Just another way to control the drug.

  4. J.D.

    “Starting at the end of July, medical marijuana caregivers will have to offer patients things like housekeeping, transportation, and meal preparation,”
    This is ridiculous. The people who own these shops are in business to provide patients with quality medication rather than becoming there full-time Nanny/Care taker.

  5. MoreFreedom

    The desire to have the industry “regulated” is a mistake IMHO, as it will allow over-regulation with a goal to generate campaign cash for the politicians. It will also create cartels in the industry. And you can see the start of that via the housekeeping requirement (all these services are already offered by other companies – why should stores have to offer them?).

    If marijuana were legal, I’d see no reason that government get involved unless there is a dispute, and we have the courts for that.

    Given that voters only approved use for medical patients, the right regulation would be:

    It can only be sold to approved patients

    Really, is anything else needed? I think not.

  6. the303stoner

    It is buying mmj is still a federal crime and they want names pix and info. This is not what people voted for. Its sad how the bigger part of the citizens are uneducated about the benefits of cannabis. They are still blinded by 80 year old negative cannabis propaganda. Save the USA cannabis all the way. Grow what you want, its your backyard ain’t it.

  7. the303stoner

    The only cannabis crime should be your neighbor stealing your because what he grew really sucks. I love America, love thy neighbor even if he’s stoned.hehe..

  8. the303stoner

    they want dispensary’s and caregivers to do the work, than Medicaid and medicare and cities don’t have to pay. This would be fine if the caregivers could cover the cost buy selling to the gen. adult public that don’t need care and just like cannabis. The government cares nothing for your health, they just want taxes. We all know there is now way in hell the government cant lock up every pot smoker so stop trying, Its like threatening a two year old to go to bed its not really bad so no know one cares.

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