On Saturday morning Los Angeles deputies responded to reports of a robbery in El Monte, California and found 5 men breaking into what seemed to be an abandoned warehouse. When police investigated further, they found more than 3,000 marijuana plants in a secret crawl space, estimated to be worth more than $1 million.

Local station KTLA says the plants were about 3 weeks from harvest, and that the growers were stealing about $10,000 a month in electricity from underground wires. Quite a complex operation, and another victory by law enforcement over a large group of plants.

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  1. DANIEL_7322

    It’s war. Family members pited against each other curtesy of prohibition. Without it, that is to say that in a sane world, the cannabis would be flourishing in the noon day sun and be at around the same price as any other plant matter. The insanity continues. Hail the heroic police!

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