A diverse group – including community leaders and city council members – staged a protest on the block where New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg lives yesterday, to protest the city’s roughly 140 arrests per day for marijuana possession – this despite the fact that possession of less than 25 grams was decriminalized in the city 30 years ago.

Not only are arrests out of control, but 86% of those arrests were of Black and Latino suspects. The Mayor didn’t come out to speak with the protestors, and you have to wonder at the motives of a man who said during the Mayoral campaign, “You bet I did [smoke pot], and I enjoyed it.” Why would Mayor Bloomberg allow this incredible waste of police time and resources to lock up minorities on petty pot charges?

Could he really believe that clearing the streets of kids with weed is going to make neighborhood’s safer? He must, otherwise why do it? The only other two possibilities are he just doesn’t care or he’s a racist who gets his jollies locking up minorities.

If you ask citizens of New York City to list what they are most afraid of, “a Black guy with a bag of pot,” is sure to come in near the bottom of the list. What is the guy going to do with that pot? Likely smoke it.

It’s unlikely that Mayor Bloomberg is going to bother reversing his course now. Hopefully the next Mayor will realize the folly of this policy and eliminate it.

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  1. William Nusbaum

    This issue and his handling of this issue is a very good reason to not vote for this man! Please don’t vote for Mr. Bloomberg!

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