On Tuesday two Montana medical cannabis caregivers filed suit against the federal government, the Department of Justice, Attorney General Eric Holder, and the U.S. Attorney for Montana Michael Cotter in U.S. District Court in Missoula, MT. At issue are the federal raids that occurred across the state in March.

The owners of  the Montana Caregivers Association and MCM Caregivers say the feds violated their constitutional rights with the raids, and pre-empted Montana’s medical marijuana law. It could be the first lawsuit of its kind in The United States.

We here at The 420 Times would like to salute these caregivers for fighting back against the federal government and these outrageous intrusions into state business. While the feds seem invincible, we still have a constitution in this country and no one is above the law of the land. And even though this lawsuit could be a long shot, we can never stop fighting the purveyors of tyranny in this country. We must stand up for medical marijuana patients because they are the ones who ultimately suffer from federal actions.

The feds are finding that their intimidation tactics are very effective. This lawsuit – and more to follow in other states soon, I’m sure – serve to let the feds know we won’t roll over and let them do this to sick people; citizens they are supposed to be protecting.

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  1. Paul

    Several more plaintiffs were added and filed in federal court this week. This is a MORE THAN IMPORTANT lawsuit and is yes the first of it’s kind! As one of the plaintiffs recently added I am proud to challenge the feds. This is solid legal ground and contrary to this article has a very strong possibility of success. A win at this level would settle this issue once and for all! Look for a press release and press conference very soon!

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