For almost 9 years a petition to reschedule cannabis out of its current category of Schedule I Of The Controlled Substances Act – meaning it has no medicinal value – has been stalled at the DEA. Now several groups – including Americans for Safe Access, NORML, and CA NORML – have filed suit in federal court in Washington D.C. in an attempt to force the feds to respond to the petition. The lawsuit asks the government to respond within 60 days.

“The federal government’s strategy has been delay, delay, delay,” said Joe Elford, chief counsel of ASA and lead counsel on the writ. “It is far past time for the government to answer our rescheduling petition, but unfortunately we’ve been forced to go to court in order to get resolution.”

A similar delay occurred from the years 1972 to 1994 after NORML filed a petition to reschedule cannabis. In that case – obviously – the DEA rejected the petition.

We should expect much of the same this time, but hopefully the feds will at least be forced to make a decision and take responsibility for it. And if they do reject the petition, advocates can then take the fight back into the federal courts.

It’s time the federal government admits what all of us already know: cannabis has obvious and proven medical benefits and has no business being scheduled where it is.

Joe Klare

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    As Jack Herer once told me ..”the big pharma company’s are scared of the power of a single plant”..It can save the world while giving power back to We the People and the people can once again give back to Mother earth, Instead the big corporately held company’s of the world would only want to rape Mother earth and keep all men as economic slaves to the almighty Dollar…We all Know that now we have no purpose in Afghanistan now,other than for the CIA to bring back all the f%&@!ing Heroin that seems to be spreading like a cancer in every city in the U.S. It’s just like American Gangster the movie.. that was a true story just like Ricky Ross and we all know Ricky’s hook-up didn’t serve time.As a matter of fact some of them got their own talk show..Gen Ollie North..really sad..We The People have been sold out..Our forefathers warned us the big banks would tear down the rights our Great grand fathers died for..

  2. Homunculus

    Sin City Cannabis … “shut the F-up you hippie prick.” Bullies wear bandannas as well as badges and you leftist turds top the heap.

    We obvious we have a bunch of dumb ass drug warriors, and its now obvious we have dumb ass pot supporters too. Your the prime example.

    F’ed up leftist politics and a chronically distorted world view is not helping the cause dip sh!t.

    Medical marijuana should be legal because “science” and “medical doctors” say it is beneficial. No jack azz should stand between a patient and his prescribed medicine. Its amoral.

    Speaking of amoral its also amoral to prevent the free exercise of ones constitutionally prescribed individual rights. Through the 1st, 4th, and 14th amendments.

    This argument is about FREEDOM idiot. And Science, and access to a more benign form of medicine for sick people. Not some radical anti-bank, anti-capitalist, anti-establishment B.S. Jack azz.

  3. Kevin

    Wow.. there’s right wing cannabis activists too! It’s strange that they vote for the people leading the charge to keep the Plant illegal.

  4. Jay Emerson

    OK so Sin City is a bit extreme re the afghanistan herion pipeline, but the core message aint far off.

    Money is the driver and corporate interests are now in absolute control.

    Money = Conservatism = Republican Party = Military = Law Enforcement = Power = Force

    Sheep are bred for fleecing and slaughter.

    They can sue all they want….
    Don’t hold your breath.

    The momentum is swinging the other way and smart patients will consider their options when its time to give the DEA their name in exchange for a green card.

    Sorry so negative, but at my age one’s cynicism becomes more and more simple horsesense and a recognition of patterns.

  5. Chief Great Eagle

    Butte County in California made a law saying you have to have over a acre to grow any pot ANY… if any lawyers would like to come fight these crazy white folks up in northern californie …we cancer patients who didnt get thier acre surly would take kindly to your help…

  6. Sin City Cannabis

    to Homunculus , Latin for “little human”

    Well smart azz …I see you can call people name s an act like a Jack azz..but facts are facts and it all starts at the top.with the world banks.. just look at the world Today and what the banks are doing to Greece and The USA were slaves and they set the interest rates ..and the drug war on Cannabis is just a way to keep all these simple minded people a simple slave….I’ve served, bleed and endured for this country and if wanna talk some crap that s fine…U r mind is as litte as ur name…little human = big idiot….

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