On Saturday some 25,000 people amassed in downtown Toronto, Canada for The 6th Annual Global Marijuana March and Freedom Fest. In an awesome display of unity, the crowd is possibly the biggest for a city in Global Marijuana March history.

It is perhaps a backlash to the Conservative Party’s gains in the last election, but you have to wonder how the Conservatives won in the first place if a marijuana march can put up numbers like this.

According to Matt Mernagh, he of the recent historic court victory in Ontario and participant in the Toronto march, conservative voters reside mainly outside the cities, much like here in the U.S. That is where Stephen Harper’s sweeping victory came from.

Matt also told us that the crowd could have been upwards of 40,000 people, but of course estimates will vary since counting crowds of that size isn’t an exact science.  The point is the Toronto march is getting a lot of press attention, and that adds to overall marijuana awareness.

My videos from the Cincinnati march are coming soon…

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