Last week we told you about former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson announcing his intention to run for the Republican nomination for President in 2012. Many in the comments section have expressed support for Governor Johnson’s run, and some have talked about their continued faith in President Obama.

So we want to hear from you all. If the election were held today and it was President Obama against Gary Johnson, who would you vote for? Thanks to all who vote from The 420 Times.

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Joe Klare

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  1. NoTribe

    Nice to see the lopsided support in favor of Gary Johnson. I would love to see a united movement behind his candidacy. People can still support Obama as the Democratic nominee. We need to get behind Johnson as the Republican nominee as a movement.

  2. Greg

    funny how “left” this website leans though… even with a severely lopsided vote tally, the article states how a number of people would still support Obama– I didn’t think this site went along with the mainstream media, but I guess they do

  3. Ralph Weaver

    As a resident of New Mexico I believe Johnson was the best Govornor we ever had during my lifetime. I am 73 years old

  4. Bill in Albuquerque

    In order to support him, I would suggest that everyone that can stomach it go and register as republican to support his caucus and primary effort.

    I left the party in disgust to be an independant but will re-register just for this.

  5. Old Hippie

    Greg, I don’t think it’s “left” as much as some people are always more comfortable with what they know, even if it’s proved itself to be unreliable in the past.

  6. Obama08

    If you support Obama & 420 then vote for Gary Johnson in the spring for the GOP primary or caucus in your state and then later vote for Obama in Nov 2012!

  7. pblumel

    Gov. Johnson is not a one-issue candidate. He is highly convicted on this issue, but he is also highly convicted on cutting government spending across the board (entitlements, discretionary and defense) and opposed to U.S. occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and the more recent spending mission in Libya. He will work with the 11 senators who are calling for Congressional term limits. See

  8. Laurrel Chute

    I would NOT support Gary Johnson. He is the usual Republican that NEVER ONCE says he will end prohibition and wants to repeal the Health Care bill that is the sole reason my Family and millions of others are covered by Health Insurance Today! He claims he believes in Civil Liberties, but would NOT aprove of Equal Rights in Marriage:( I am SHOCKED that 420 would endorse this person!

  9. Laurrel Chute

    NOH8 would NEVER Support Gary Johnson! Why are YOU? In all the videos on his web site NOT ONE of them has him stating he wants to end prohibition! He would NEVER vote to increase the Taxes on the RICH that is killing the middle class and the already Suffering POOR! He may have the Same views as Obama when it comes to smaller government and ending the Wars, but he is too far left for anyone that believes in Equal Rights for ALL, Constitutional Right of LIFE(Health Care for ALL) and Wealth vs. Taxes(The Richer you are the MORE Taxes you PAY!)~

  10. Gary Is Cool

    I feel deceived by Obama and cannot believe I voted for him. I’m on the Gary bandwagon AND the do-not-reelect Obama bandwagon as well. Obama is a great guy but I appointed him to do a job and he has miserably failed me.

  11. JvanMT

    If cannabis legalization were the only issue at stake, sure I’d vote for johnson. But I realize that it’s not nearly as simple as it’s made out to be. My job was taken away last month as a result of federal raids so I am not entirely on board with the administration right now but supporting a fringe candidate who’s views on nearly everything else contradict my own is not the answer for me.

  12. Repeto

    Why should I vote for Obama again??
    He screw me up! F&^%$ Him!!!OK??
    It is more bro’s in jail for weed that never before dude! Give me a good reason to vote him in 2012.
    I’ll vote any one but Obama!!, even a Bush!,

  13. carl

    Laurrel .. have you read ANYTHING regarding Gary’s position on prohibition? … or equal rights for women? .. or ANY of his positions?

    he’s far left of what? The far right?

    I suspect your tirade has more to do with his position regarding a woman’s right to choose than anything else. And that’s OK. But to spout off with complete disregard for the truth does not & will not make you appear more intelligent. Quite the contrary.

  14. Ian Rauch

    Obama gave up trying already, can’t you people see that? Through all his slick talk and issue neglect, in between the lines he is saying there’s nothing I can do… Gary Johnson has the most impressive track record as far as working for the peoples interest. Obama just states that he is “laying down the foundation” for this so called change he promised… Gary has faced tough issue’s in office before and almost always makes his decision for the people and this is factually documented… Vote Gary Johnson

  15. JvanMT

    Carl I think the person you are referring to is concerned with johnson’s position on healthcare, taxes, as well as the right to choose. We all no his stance on prohibition, the issue is with his stance on many other things some of us find equally important. Why you chose to disregard the many other issues the target of your rant addressed I don’t know. We are all interested in the same goal here but the reality is cannabis users come from all across the political spectrum, no single candidate will ever get the cannabis vote entirely. To me that’s our biggest advantage here. We have incredible numbers and the ability to hit them from every political perspective. Change IS coming, I just personally don’t think Gary Johnson is the man I want leading the charge.

  16. Bucky O'Hare

    I’m sorry, but it makes zero sense for anyone who favors ending the drug war to support Obama. He’s continued the drug raids on medical marijuana facilities that Bush was doing and he’s mocked the notion of legalizing marijuana on a number of occasions. If this is your issue, you are supporting the wrong candidate. Even the conservative National Review staff is against the drug war. Why give Obama credit simply because he’s a Democrat? Gary Johnson’s actually in favor of ending the war on drugs and if against all odds he’s elected, he may actually do it.

  17. Bucky O'Hare

    Btw, Gary Johnson’s pro-choice on abortion, he’s in favor of gay marriage and he wants to legalize drugs. Gary Johnson makes Obama look like Pat Robertson on social issues. Obama’s only pro-choice on abortion, against gay marriage and against legalizing drugs. Gary Johnson’s more socially liberal than any Democrat in congress.

  18. Go Gary Go

    I consider myself fiscally conservative and very socially liberal, and I have voted D at least as much as I’ve voted R. Gary Johnson is more liberal on social issues than most dems, and is probably the only candidate — D or R — who has a demonstrated track record of executive management of a balanced budget (Mitch Daniels may qualify on this last point as well, but Indiana’s track record on social issues is abominable.) Vote for Gary in the primaries — vote your conscience in the general election!

  19. scott

    Obama has been a mistake on at least six different issues he got my support for originally. This is just one of them. I am shocked to find a tea party/ republican candidate that I actually love!

    So often republicans want it both ways: leave government out, until it comes to a religious issue. He actually caries it through all the way… and its just great actually. Kudos to him!

  20. Spencer

    If you want marijuana legalized, we need to make Gary Johnson the Republican Presidential Candidate. Please go to his website and donate to his campaign. It isn’t a waste of money. Go donate $10 and then go on facebook and let your friends know about Gary Johnson. Go to all the stoner websites you know of and get support for him. If potheads stand together we can make a huge impact on this election.

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