Of Irish and Cuban descent, Wax was adopted by white parents and “raised white.” He gets a lot of raised eyebrows from people until he starts to flow. “So I remember one time at this nightclub in LA but when I got up and people look at you sideways and you know, it’s just like anything else; you just gotta show them proof.”

Most of us who have dreams and aspirations know it’s not easy. We know in our hearts that most people never realize their dreams, and we fear that we will be one of those people. That’s why it’s so uplifting to hear and read about those who do fulfill their aspirations; they remind us why we dream in the first place.

Wax is one of those people who realizes their dreams. A rapper and performer out of southern California, Wax grew up in Maryland, raised on a steady diet of Guns N Roses and N.W.A. that he watched with his dad on MTV. “My dad was kind of a couch potato, so we were the first people in the neighborhood to get cable,” Wax explains on his website.

When he was 10, Wax got a guitar for his birthday. He was now able to play music under his rhyming, and soon Wax formed a band called MacGregor. The band really didn’t go anywhere because as Wax admits, “We didn’t really know what we were doing.”

After his band broke up, Wax endured numerous dead end jobs, including mortgage sales and delivering pizzas. The 420 Times recently talked to Wax via phone, and we asked him about those days when things looked their bleakest.

“I had a lot of jobs, man,” Wax told us. “I had a friend who was selling mortgages and this was in the time period when everybody was refinancing their houses. I wanted to sell mortgages. I mean it wasn’t hard to learn. You take like an hour class and you can do it, you know. Probably the reason why the housing market is fucked up because you could just refinance everybody, just like hook them up.

“But anyway, I have a story for you. Man, I hated that job. So I had a girlfriend at the time who had a job opportunity in San Diego so I moved out there with her, you know. A month in being out there she didn’t like the job and it turned out we didn’t like each other so she moved back to Maryland and I was working construction in San Diego for a year. And that kind of looked more like you’re talking about because I was living in a friend’s garage and I then I was barely squeezing by, you know. Every penny I did have I’d pretty much spend on alcohol or whatever.

“I just decided, you know, I gotta get up outta here. I love the people down there and my friends down there but I said to like, you know, I can’t hash all them making moves. My boy was starting his own company and shit. I was l like, ‘Nah, time for a change.’ I moved up here [Los Angeles].

Once in L.A., Wax and his brother, Herbal T, began making videos and putting them on Youtube. One features Wax just driving around town rhyming while his brother films him and lays down the beat – that video has over 1 million views. The videos created a buzz on Youtube, showing people Wax’s level of skill. In addition, Vibe.com held a video contest in which Wax placed as a finalist.

“Vibe Magazine had a contest online,” Wax said, “where you submit a video of yourself rapping and then you get challenged by, you know, people that entered on the website and people vote for it. I didn’t win the contest but I did really well in it and you know, with the amount of viewers and comments and feedback.”

The industry took notice, and Wax is now involved in a joint venture with Def Jam Records to release his debut CD. On March 15th he released his mixtape, Scrublife, which can be downloaded on his website – waxdotcom.com. It’s an eclectic collection of music, and features a lot of Wax’s skill as a lyricist and rapper. As far as the meaning behind his mixtape’s title, Wax explains on his website:
“Scrublife is the representation of a lifestyle, and if y’all were here right now, I wouldn’t even have to say shit,” Wax jokes. “In my kitchen right now, there’s eggs all over my floor, it’s horrific in here. That’s kind of like the representation of what Scrublife is. Living dirty, living broke, and not caring. It’s the opposite of excess.”

Since Wax is now a California resident, and we are The 420 Times, our conversation naturally turned toward the subject of cannabis – and his first mixtape single “Dispensary Girl,” the video of which features a comical and awful start to Wax’s day, followed by things picking up when he goes to the dispensary to see his dispensary girl. A legal medical marijuana patient in the state, Wax says he is “not really using the system correctly” but says it does work well for things like his back pain. When we asked Wax if he preferred any certain strains, he mentioned one that we featured in a previous magazine issue, Asian Fantasy.

“Asian Fantasy is my favorite. I mean because it’s like a indica/sativa mixture with mostly sativa and it’s real good if you want to actually get something done. I got the third strain that I like called Nightwalker, it’s like a real handy kush that pretty much is kinda like it’s a nice little if you want to watch TV and chill, you know what I mean.”

I’m sure many of our readers know exactly what he means.

Wax isn’t a household name yet, but his skill and determination are likely to make him so in the near future. Make sure you check out his mixtape and his Youtube channel is definitely a must-subscribe (Waxandherbalt).

Many don’t get to realize their dreams, but those that do stand as an example to the rest of us that not only is it okay to dream, sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps you going.

For more information on Wax, go to http://waxdotcom.com

Joe Klare

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