In “extreme hypocrisy” news, Rhode Island House Minority Leader Robert Watson (R) has been busted in neighboring Connecticut for marijuana possession and impaired driving after being stopped at a police checkpoint and the cops detecting the “strong odor of marijuana.”

What makes this such a big deal is the fact the esteemed RI lawmaker has made it a point to comment on his state’s marijuana policy.

Watson drew fire in February when he said the state Legislature had its priorities right “if you are a Guatemalan gay man who likes to gamble and smokes marijuana.”

Witty to be sure, but hypocritical to the extreme. The only way he could be more of a hypocrite is if he had been playing Texas Hold ’em with a Guatemalan gay man at the time.

I understand that a conservative elected official has many reasons to keep his cannabis use a secret, but there is no need to attack cannabis law reform in public on top of it. To poke fun at people for smoking weed when you go home and do it yourself is not only tasteless, but it also proves you cannot be trusted to stand up for your constituents.

If Robert Watson does use marijuana, he needs to 1) Come out in favor of marijuana law reform or 2) Resign his position. There is no shortage of hypocritical politicians in this country, so if one is going to be this blatant about it, they need to face the consequences.

Joe Klare

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  1. K.Smith

    And this is the world we live in. Lol “we the people” need to take our country back and do away with the brainless scare crows. For the people by the people!!!

  2. DankPursuit

    He, like millions of others, probably loves the herb. But, he’s a hypocrite who has, most likely, has been bought and paid for.

    He needs to go away… Hopefully, someone who has real character will replace him.

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