A bill has been introduced in the Pennsylvania Senate that would legalize medical marijuana for qualifying patients and allow the creation of a statewide system of “Compassion Centers” where patients can get their medicine.

The bill is basically being re-introduced since it is very similar to a bill that was circulating in the legislature last year. SB 1003 is sponsored by State Senators Daylin Leach, Larry Farnese, James Ferlo and Wayne Fontana.

Last year’s bill spawned hearings that featured testimony from some heavyweights in the medical community, including world-renowned pathologist Cyril Wecht who testified before the Health and Human Services Committee in August 2010:

“I have personally performed 17,000 autopsies and reviewed 36,000 other postmortem protocols signed out by pathologists throughout the United States. I have never attributed a death to marijuana overdose, nor have I ever seen such a death certificate issued by any coroner or medical examiner.”

So what is the harm in allowing sick people the option of medical cannabis? It’s certain that the bill has public support, but that support must be turned into phone calls and emails and letters to the PA Legislature.

Polling conducted by Franklin&Marshall in 2010 showed that a striking 80 percent of residents support passing a medical marijuana law in Pennsylvania.

More information on the statewide effort in support of safe access to cannabis at www.pa4mmj.org

PA is a heavily populated state which means there are many patients there who need relief. Spread the word and if you live in Pennsylvania make sure your local representative knows you support SB 1003.

Joe Klare

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  1. Monterey Bud

    It is truly about time…”The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this.”

    – Albert Einstein quote on Hemp

  2. Joan Balzac

    Thank god! I’ve been suffering from serious anorexia and cannabis is truly the best treatment.

  3. ziggie

    it is about time and still does not stop here keep spreading the word around contact people. last time there was never giving a chance to hold a hearing or have a vote in the senate, This year is vital. If you are a physician ,nurse , patient anyone who will benefit from marijuana ,will you take a few minutes to call the Chairperson of the P.H.W. Committee , Senator Patricia Vance , who is a Registered nurse, and ask her specifically to schedule a hearing on SB1003 , the governor Raymond Shafer Compassionate use Medical Marijuana Act?.. Senator Vance maybe be reached in her district office at (717)975-1985, and her Harrisburg office is at (717)787-8524 , between the hours 9:00am EDT and 5:00PM EDT MON-FRI

  4. jim

    there is a god, thank you all mighty, im speechless. please let this bill pass. ive been having serious stomach and gut pains for about 4 years now. i found that smoking is the only thing that took away the pain without putting me asleep or making me a zombee. after year 1 the doc’s removed my gal bladder due to stones.. doc says youll be good in 6 months maybe a year at most 2 years. well its been 4 years now.. and im still getting sick about twice a week in mornings and i live with the runs (srry). finally this week doc said this is all due to stress man whats up? we need to get your nerves calmed down. youre only 29. i said well doc.. yeah. im tired of stressing about some weed..the past year or so all i been thinking is. i need to sell my new house. give up my good job. make my wife and kids leave the rest of our large family.. just so i can live happy and grow my own medical in a state that allows it because i cant afford to keep buying it. doc said well for now i can give you some dexilant and prosaac.. thanx but no thanx doc. ill be ok

  5. Amy

    It’s about time! I have serious muscular issues (Chronic MPS) and I have found that Cannibus is the ONLY thing that completely relieves my pain. I am only 39, and the thought of being on Pain meds for the rest of my life is not a pleasant thought. Not to mention they don’t do much for my pain! I’m calling my Rep first thing Monday!!

  6. ben williams

    im so sick of being doped outt on pills that r basicly herion eeat erm sniff em cook it n shot it but i cant smoke a fin joint i got ejekted out a car at 90 mph i need weed i got brain damage n cronic pain i am only 26 this is gonna suck if this dont go threw i need weed to save me from all these pills n some people need both come on yall itdss legal in some parts of the usa n not others fuck a drug war this is like a cival war half the country blazein the other half locked up for it WAKE UP


    Thank god! I’ve been suffering from severe Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis and cannabis is truly the best treatment for my pain and depression.

  8. alley

    oh please, this has been up before the current govenor has sworn not to pass it if it even did make it to his desk.

    and like last time i am willing to bet 1.00 that it will not even come up for vote.

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