The state of Georgia is getting ready to begin clinical trials on medical marijuana, something they’ve legally been allowed to do since the state legislature passed the “Medical Marijuana Necessities Act” in 1981.

The program was de-funded when Ronald Reagan ramped up The War on Drugs. Now the board that oversees the state’s medical policy is putting together a group of doctors and pharmacists to begin clinical trials on medical cannabis. They are also going to take a look at bringing legal medical marijuana to Georgia.

David Clark is an attorney with the Georgia chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. He says bringing medical marijuana to Georgia could be an uphill battle.

“The fact that you’re appointing doctors to the board to qualify patients doesn’t mean that they’re going to start signing up patients,” says Clark. “The legislature could repeal the law tomorrow and it wouldn’t shock me because we have a very conservative legislature.”

If you were to make a list of the least likely states to legalize medical marijuana, you might be tempted to put Georgia at the top of it – although the state does have a well-organized libertarian contingent. But the fact that they are taking any steps in that direction has to be somewhat heartening to patients and advocates in the state.

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  1. Sakume

    Let’s hope they do go through with it in full force. There are plenty of people who would greatly benefit from the use of marijuana. Would be a great relief for many people!

  2. Dan

    Interesting news, if it can become legal in the bible belt states, some of the most right wing states, it could be an important domino effect leading towards national legalization…for medical use anyway.

  3. myagent2000

    First I’ve heard of this.
    If Georgia, 10 most populous state with 4th biggest prison population, takes even a baby step in this direction—- that is big, big news. Pray for Georgia !

  4. Chemdawg

    I’m a college student in GA, who has planned for years about moving west just to not get arrested for something I do in the privacy of my own home.. If GA can get anything close to the system CA, CO, or OR.. I would reasonably consider staying in my home state.. But then again the weather, attractions, and people here make me realize the other reasons I don’t like being here.

  5. Jaclyn

    Well, look @ it this way… either they can pass the law allowing that people can use m.j. as a med. neccessity or they wont, then people like me, who have been through fusion surgery (that didnt work- not to mention that my spine is technically in 2 pieces), & leave them to be addicted to narcotics. Either the chemical way or the natural way, they need to make up their minds!! My personal opinion, I would rather mix a not so strong chemical medication w/ m.j. & NOT be chemically addicted, & be able to sleep @ night as well. Rather than have to go to rehab. or have to take more & more meds. because the body gets used to it w/ time.

  6. kellie

    This would be awesome for me as well, I have had 2 failed spinal fusions and I still take pain meds everyday with hardly no pain taken away. I have never been a Smoker but would love to try it since it is not gonna eat up my liver and possibly kill me. But with me being a single mom I cant afford to take the risk of getting it on the streets, even though its on every corner. I sure hope they pass this in Georgia and soon

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