Colorado University officials have asked their students not to attend the annual 4/20 smoke-out on the Boulder campus because it “denigrates” the value of CU degrees, disrupts classes, and adds to the University’s image as a a party school – CU was named the top party school in the nation last week by Playboy Magazine.

The email circulated by the school also says that the smoke-out is not an effective act of civil disobedience, but that’s an opinion that seems beyond the scope of University duties. Many find that 10,000 people smoking weed illegally in public is the very essence of civil disobedience.

We urge CU students to attend the smoke-out and let your elders know that you are tired of being looked down upon because you smoke a natural, non-toxic plant while they are knocking back cocktails at the latest University mixer. Hypocrisy reflects poorly on an institution of higher learning; much more so than one day of kids smoking weed on campus.

Note: A couple weeks ago we contacted several officials at CU and asked them what their plans were for 4/20 and what they planned on telling their students. After an initial reply saying our request had been forwarded to the public relations department, we heard no more from the school. I guess they didn’t want to show their hand too early and lessen the impact of a school-wide email blast.

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