Today the Colorado House passed HB 1043 by a vote of 52 to 12. Under the bill cannabis growers would be required to register their grow site and identify all patients, be allowed no more than 500 plants at their site unless they have a waiver, and it would also extend the moratorium on new dispensaries into the summer of 2012.

Colorado politicians are still busy trying to “fix” the state’s medical marijuana system, and they will do so until full legalization comes because that is their job security; as long as there is something to fix, politicians have a reason to ask to be re-elected. They will always have unfinished business.

Colorado is one of the states likely to have marijuana legalization on the ballot in 2012. If full legalization passes, haggling over medical rules will become useless. And when that happens , the politicians who care more about job security than sick people will have to find something else to “fix.”

Although I’m sure they’ll just haggle over how to regulate, zone, and tax the legal weed at the point. That’s why some 97% of elected officials get re-elected; they are experts at making people think something “needs to be done.”

Joe Klare