Advocates behind last fall’s CA Proposition 19 campaign have formed a new committee for the purpose of creating another ballot measure to legalize cannabis in California. Committee members include the Chairwoman of the CA NAACP Alice Huffman, Dan Rush from The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, and Dale Sky Jones from Oaksterdam, who will be the spokesperson for the new campaign.

“The purpose of our organization is to learn from our experiences in 2010 and take the lead toward victory in 2012,” Jones wrote to supporters in an e-mail sent Friday. “We will expand our coalition, raise the necessary funds to move toward a possible 2012 campaign, and conduct polling and other opinion research that will guide the drafting of a new initiative.”

Hopefully the in-fighting that hampered Prop 19 can be relegated to the past and all the disparate forces in the CA cannabis law reform movement can be brought together. If not, the new legalization initiative could be doomed before it is drafted. Advocates, medical marijuana owners, and growers must all have a stake in the new endeavor. We cannot waste time fighting among ourselves when our opponents will use every opportunity to hammer us.

While it may seem like we have plenty of time, November 2012 will be here before we know it, and in CA at least, the process of gathering signatures must still happen to get the measure on the ballot. Work must begin now if victory is to occur next year.

Joe Klare

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  1. David Bennett

    I may be talking through the top of my hat, but it seems to me that a bill to reduce the schedule one classification to a three or four would do more to bring about the legalization than a prop 19 type proposal. If the medical community could weigh in about how the schedule one is a mis-categorization of cannabis it would also bring out other proponents for legalization and control. But what do I know?

  2. DANIEL_7322

    Legalise posession and cultivation and let the rest develope on its own. In other words, leave the greed that is bringing us to a new world order out of it!!!

  3. Ernst

    An Initiative that screws the people over again is Doomed make no mistake!

    Strong Support for prop 19? Like the very people who were pro-cannabis and hated prop 19 don’t matter once again.

    Here we go with the Gold rush and damn the Indians again.

    I just did my own poll and 90% of those who answered favor a Just for the People legalization Initiative in 2012.

    We see a “All in One” Initiative as a waste of another voting cycle.

    This is the way people see the Prop-19 type of effort.

    It will be a Sweetheart deal for Canna-business that the people are supposed to vote for because it throws a small canna-bone to the people while Canna-millionaires get the majority of benefit.
    The big question is why vote for some to be rich when we as people cannot practice full horticulture rights with the cannabis plant

    Oh we are going to be fed Business-Fertilizer of how a 5×5 mindset is the right one. Where buying our cannabis is better than seeds saving, heirloom variety growing and growing all we want for our selves and our friends and family, is wrong.
    Prop 19 depended on Law Enforcement to once again spend multi-millions of dollars to enforce prohibition on the people so business could profit at prohibition prices.

    Prop 19 was aimed as selling you the idea of Legalization not Legalization itself.

    So I ask you. If we cannot legalize just for the people in 2012 as a safe first step we can all agree on how in the hell are we to pass an all in one initiative that favours Millionaires and still sends people to prison?

    It’s time for industry to step back and support a solid effort to clearly grant rights to the people.. Not some half assed decriminalization that millionaires want.
    To those who are resurrecting the prop 19 party ; you got your hat handed to you in 2010 you will get it handed to you again in 2012.. But then again that is just fine with them because they are still in business and we still go to jail.

  4. Ernst

    Get mad as hell people! Legalize for the people in 2012 as a safe first step.

    In baseball terms Prop-19 has two strikes and Prop-215 is a home run.. It is time to BUNT to get a runner on base..

    Business can be next up to bat after we get rights for the people on first base!

    To all you pro-business and damn the people rights.. It is you who is the true enemy of the cause.
    We can get No voter to vote yes if they see it won’t help promote drug pushing and hurts cartel profits.
    I have to tell you the Cannabis industry is a cartel of it’s own.. So a for the people initiative is the way to get no voters to vote yes.

    So the radical and smart thing is to swing left and legalize for the people in 2012 then we work on business..

    For the People in 2012 : Horticulture rights for the people! Private trade rights for the people!
    Seed savers, Heirloom variety growers and hobbyists who breed for the fun and science of it.
    Non-Commercial use for the people in 2012!
    To hell with decriminalization so millionaires can keep making millions while we still cant grow a garden at home.

  5. Holly Schneider

    Could someone please write a proposition that is GOOD for us, so we can petition for it to be on the ballot in 2012?

  6. Lili

    Not to be difficult but if one wants a better proposition written-why is no one on here doing it? All it takes is for one of us to contact the initiative writer and ask what the problem is.

    Marijuana is both a sacrament and a well-known medicine.

    No government red tape reality shows and comment wars are going to stop my support of it.

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