Over the next two years, several states will decide on marijuana legalization for recreational purposes – either in their legislature, or at the ballot box. In a way, it’s going to be a race to see which state can accomplish it first, and that’s a good thing. To use a sports analogy, the more shots you take at the basket, the better your chances that some will go in.

We want to hear from our readers. Below is a poll of the states that are actively trying to legalize cannabis for recreation. Which state do you think will do it first? Click other if you think a “sleeper” state will come out of nowhere and shock the world.

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Joe Klare

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  1. JP

    Connecticut is currently debating it as well. 79% of Connecticuters think that medical marijuana should be allowed, and 65% of Connecticuters think it should be allowed in general.

  2. GreenTitan

    Unless the representatives of a state pass legislation legalizing cannabis, I bet Colorado and California will legalize it together in 2012. ūüôā

  3. Jillian Galloway

    Marijuana has repeatedly been proven to NOT cause cancer, heart disease, brain damage, liver disease, emphysema, or any other significant health issue, and its addiction potential is about on par with coffee.

    Our current marijuana prohibition empowers drug dealers and the Mexican drug cartels by preventing any form of legal competition to their activities. Instead of protecting children from marijuana, these laws create an environment of zero legal supply amidst massive and unrelenting demand and effectively serve to make our children LESS safe. It is *because* of the failings of the prohibition that our children now have easier access to marijuana than to alcohol! Our communities need legal adult marijuana sales for exactly the same reason that they need legal alcohol and tobacco sales – to keep unscrupulous black-market criminals away from our neighborhoods and our children.

    Parents work hard to keep drugs away from their children and they need effective, logic-based laws to help them with this. In order to greatly improve the safety of our children we need legal adult marijuana sales in gas stations and supermarkets at prices too low for drug dealers to match – just as beer and wine are sold today.

  4. Cali Patient

    From California I note that the effort “to legalize marijuana” is being led by the same crew that just tried to destroy Prop 215.

    Thats right, today we can grow and possess any amount and the state cannot legally stop us. But these guys want to limit us to 25 square feet (too small to be useful!) and one ounce possession. Today we have no age limits for medical cannabis. These guys want to make it 21 or older to use marijuana for everyone.

    This is the “It’s just like alcohol” crowd. NEWSFLASH: Alcohol kills some 85,000 people a year, marijuana has never killed anyone. Marijuana is NOT like alcohol and should not be regulated as stringently. ‘Nuff said!

  5. denbee

    The cannabis movement is brash, offensive and in your face. I am sure that many people are outraged at such a display of disregard for the law. I, for one, could not be happier. I am 61 years old and can only remember what marijuana was like but for over 40 years I have witnessed the carnage our drug laws have had on our society and I can safely say that the number one threat to our society is not drugs, it is the DEA and their shredding of our constitution. We are no longer protected in our homes and properties. We are no longer protected from unusual search and seizure. The police have gained no-knock entrance to our homes, medicine cabinets and gardens. All to protect us from ourselves. Amerika the beautiful. Laws need victims other than ourselves. As a responsible adult, what I do in my home while harming no one else should never be the concern of our government. And busting our doors down, arresting and jailing us, ransacking our homes and forcing forfeiture of home, cash and properties and sometimes even the children, ought to reserved for crimes such as hostage taking, murder, terrorism and such. Actual crimes with actual victims, not someone enjoying a smoke at the end of the day in his own home! So if the pot smokers seems a bit rightious and in your face please excuse them for having suffered 40 years of the drug war and they are maybe sensing that the fog of lies and disinformation are finally lifting and they are a bit giddy. My mom said that alcohol was much the same way in the years leading up to legalization again. People were crazy with anticipation and did foolish things. I suspect many of today’s cannabis user’s are high on hope and are a little foolish too… I don’t blame them. I am ashamed for what our government has done to millions of our sons and daughters. I am ashamed of the forfeiture laws, the no-knock laws, of users serving more time than thieves and muggers, of government induced fear campaigns. It is time to own up to one of America’s biggest mistakes, the drug laws and the resulting DEA and end both.

  6. srm

    For all you people that are against any type of legalization because there are restrictions such as age and square feet, you are just being selfish and stupid. The only way we can have legal weed nation wide is if we can get states to pass these laws. We need to break the back of the gov and that can only be done thru legalization everywhere. This medical marijuana is nice and all for those that can get it. But in states like NJ you will have to be on your death bed to qualify and the rules are a nightmare. Just legalize the sh*t already.

  7. David Aquarius

    This won’t happen overnight. As much as we want to run right down to the corner smoke shop and buy a gram of Ganja for $20, it ain’t gonna happen – yet.

    The end of cannabis prohibition will happen by degrees. You have to walk before you learn to dance. States like California and Washington are well on their way to making it happen but there will be restrictions.

    First, the retail will be state-run stores (no private coffee shops). Yes, age restrictions (Sorry, kiddies thems the breaks, gotta wait ’til ya hit 21!) They won’t be allowed near schools or playgrounds. Licenses will be needed to grow commercially. Home gardens will be legal but only for personal use. Try to sell your homegrown and you get busted. One of the reasons legalization is even possible is the promise of millions in tax and license revenue. Want to sell weed, get a license!

    After a few years of this, some of the restrictions may be lifted. Others may just be the price we have to pay to have it legal.

    This shit might stick in your throats but its reality. When alcohol prohibition ended in 1932, lots of moonshiners went out of business.

    That’s life in the big leagues, folks

  8. YOYA


  9. ZOMG

    I am pessimistic.

    I think the movement will make strides almost everywhere due to overwhelming public voice, chipping away at criminalization; but like YOYA mentioned- Lobbyists, Private prison industry, DEA, “moralists” all have interests in keeping this plant illegal.
    Big pharma makes ridiculous money manufacturing (dangerous) pills for all sorts of symptoms that MJ can treat as a ultra cheap and un patentable alternative. Huge budgets of law enforcement agencies rely on marijuana interdiction (parasitically). Then there are all of those doomsday prophets that preach that the gates of hell will fly open if one additional psychoactive substance is legally available, filling peoples heads with traffic accidents (more related to alcohol) and tainted youth (yeah, prohibition has done wonders so far saving America{sarcasm}). Ugh…

    I love to see the struggle tho, all the support from increasingly more good folks. Like others have mentioned it’ll be a slow and gradual process, that will inevitably move forward so long as the good folks fight for justice.

    Unless say Monsanto or some other evil organization gets to patent some GMO strain and monopolize it.

  10. Brandon

    I think PA should shock the world. I would state my reasons, but it would be similar to every other post. The only thing i have to throw in is get those damn pot dealers who does god knows what with their shi*ty weed off the streets!

  11. Brandon

    But yoya they need to think about it like this if the pharmasists would be the ones selling the legal marijuana they could sell an ounce for just say 200$ a script of vicodin is like 40$? And a script of oxycontin is like 500$? Im guessing on both of those but an ounce would go by in ten days and so would the bottle. They should keep the oxycontin for severe pain like surgery and whatnot and get rid of the vicodin for the stupid sh*t people complain about having, and give them good marijuana… We all know its healthier and we all know you cant exceed a recommended dose so everytime your pain comes back feel free smoking a joint, with vicodin if your pain comes back have fun killing your liver.

  12. David Aquarius

    Big Pharma hates cannabis. They may be able to synthesis it, rape its genes and pull every enzyme out by its roots but the stark reality is that we can still grow it ourselves. Even if the gov’t allowed them to patent the entire cannabis genome, we’d still grow our own. What would they do, have us arrested? Been there, am still there! No, this movement is bigger than Big Pharma, bigger than the GOP, bigger than the DEA. As long as we keep the pressure on and not allow arrogance (or ignorance) on our part set us back, this issue is ours! Millions of people support at least decriminalization. The medical community is starting to feel more comfortable making the case for medical cannabis. Hell, even the Feds are starting to come around! (DEA, FBI, Dept. of Justice notwithstanding) Mom and Pop America are coming over to our side one patient at a time. This fight is ours to lose!

  13. Shane Droid

    What you all forget is. It is only a drug because the govt. says it is… Indians, Shamans, Africans, Our first presidents and the queen of England harvested cannabis as an “herbal” medicine just like hops in beer and grapes for wine. But cannabis has always stayed one thing… a plant!!! Everything else is synthesized! Cocaine is used for nasal surgery and was used as a cough syrup. It is synthesized. heroin is morphine… synthesized. EVEN CHOCOLATE is synthesized. At one point chocolate was banned from the general public because it causes a since of euphoria and you can overdose if you eat enough. Unlike pot, where you could never overdose! The govt. just wants to control these and all pain relievers so their financial backers “the pharmaceutical industry” can keep making billions off the public while we keep making just enough to survive. Saying cannabis is a drug is like saying a roller coasters is a time machine. The point is, legalizing the use of pot for medical reasons still keeps it in govt. control. They make fee’s for medical cards and applications and the pharmaceutical company still gets to write the prescriptions. Marijuana is a term made up by the govt. to blame it on Mexicans. “Cannabis” grows just like tomatoes, What if the govt. says only they are allowed to grow tomatoes and make it illegal to grow them. Because Heinz payed someone off. What would we be able to do about it? They already penalize farmers for growing too much. To control the crop for the fortune 500 companies! Billionaire companies get billions of backings but when the public needs help, we get their crumbs. Help the sick get better instead of allowing the rich get richer.

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