The prosecutor in Texas that is responsible for Willie Nelson’s charges stemming from his arrest for marijuana possession in November says that Willie can resolve the charges. All he has to do is plead guilty, pay a fine, and sing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” in open court.

I had to check this story a few times to make sure it didn’t come from The Onion. What kind of silliness is this? The judge in the case insists that Willie appear in court in person, instead of just mailing in his plea – which is the common procedure in cases like Willie’s.

I wonder what happens if Willie refuses to sing. What if he decides to act like a human being instead of a barking circus dog for these ignorant people who are clearly abusing their power? Will he be thrown in jail for not singing in court? Is this really what our criminal justice system has been reduced to?

If I were Willie, I wouldn’t sing a thing. Being a  public official doesn’t entitle you to a free mini-concert from Willie Nelson.

It seems there is no end to the ridiculousness our marijuana laws can cause.

Joe Klare

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  1. Charles Queen

    They like to use high profile people such as williy and it’s the feds that push this stuff more than it is an individual state or a state prosecuter who is trying to make name for him/herself.This whole thing is totaly ignorant.Why are they even bothering him to begin with,I’m sure it wasn’t enough to warrrant all of this publicity,it usually isn’t.You know?this really needs to be handled much as a major coupe is(not willly’s problem)I’m talking about legalization,they make it a pain to make it legal just for medicinal use and it’s a 1 state at a time thing which is costing billions and you know in most cases the state will do it.So why not get everyone in this country to revolt against the gov and the war to legalize marijuana.I’m all for it and they sure do not have the manpower to stop it either.Yep,it’s a radical aproach but when all else fails then force them.We out number the government by millions when it comes to people who want it legalized.I mean the feds are already going against obooboo’s oreders now.He said if a state legalizes it for medicinal use then they are hands off by the feds but thats not whats happening with the IRS and the ATF and the DEA still trying to nail people in legal states.Why hasn’t obooboo told them to stop,I mean he is their boss overall so they have to do what he say’s and they are not

  2. 420believewecan

    Give Willie a break, GEEZ!! As if taking him to court for taxes weren’t enough!
    If it weren’t for Willie’s talent & persistence & success , the government wouldn’t have all his valuable tax dollars to enjoy spending and paying the judge that is now demanding him to sing in court! This is how the government works huh? WOW! The founding father’s are ROLLIN in their graves for the travesty that continues to destroy this great nation.

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