A former New Jersey doctor has plead guilty to having 58 cannabis plants in his home, and will likely be sentenced to a mental health facility. A more interesting aspect of this story is the fact that the doctor says he used to smoke 30 joints a day.

“I was smoking 30 joints a day and not getting much done a day,” Struve said to the judge, of life before his arrest last year.

Well, I guess not. Assuming 5 minutes to smoke a joint, that’s two and a half hours a day just smoking. And who needs to smoke 30 joints a day? This doctor says he had been growing his own since 1968, but it must have not been very good. In all those years you would think he learned enough about growing to produce some quality weed.

According to his lawyer, the doctor – Edwin Bliss Struve – used marijuana for glaucoma and “mild brain damage” he sustained after being choked by a police officer in Mississippi years ago. It may be a good thing this guy is going to a hospital; smoking 30 joints a day has less to do with treating ailments and more to do with some kind of compulsion to smoke.

Unless you are smoking some real weak Mexican dirt weed, you can get by on less than 30 joints a day.

Joe Klare