On Saturday, March 19th, a conference is being held in Los Angeles to discuss where the cannabis law reform movement goes from here. Below is an excerpt from an email blast from our friends at OC NORML.

Saturday, March 19th at Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood

“Next Steps for Marijuana Reform in California,” a day-long gathering
of marijuana reform advocates, will take place March 19th at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. In the wake of Proposition 19’s remarkably strong showing at the polls last year, this conference will address ongoing efforts to end failed marijuana
prohibition in California, steps to reform the state’s medical marijuana laws, and priorities for marijuana reform in the coming

The conference is presented by California NORML, Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project, Americans for Safe Access, and
VibeNation MultiMedia. Confirmed participants include leaders of the Proposition 19 campaign and other ballot initiative proponents, Latino Voters League, California NAACP, United Food and Commercial Workers, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and California Church Impact as well as political consultants, attorneys, medical marijuana advocates, and public officials.

The event is open to the public, and the audience will have the
opportunity to comment and weigh in on competing proposals. A party and reception, featuring live music, other entertainment and
refreshments, will be held at the Montalban Theatre immediately
following the conference until 10 pm.

The conference follows up the sold out “Next Steps” conference in
Berkeley in January (http://www.canorml.org/nextsched.html).

What: “Next Steps for Marijuana Reform in California”

When: Saturday, March 19th, 9 am to 6 pm

Where: Ricardo Montalban Theatre, 1615 Vine St., Hollywood

Conference Schedule:

www.drugpolicy.org/nextsteps or http://bit.ly/enYQJX

Admission: $20 for the conference; $20 for the reception. A $30
discounted ticket for both events is available online in advance only.

We have to start planning now for 2012, especially in states like California. If you are in the area, a conference like this would be a great place to make contacts and get all the latest information about the movement in your state. California must lead the way in marijuana law reform, and the big test comes next year.

Joe Klare

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  1. joe cool

    Is Richard Lee, (the author of Prop 19) off speed yet? He ought to quit for his own health and sanity, besides the fact that tweakers tend to draft laws poorly.
    Just a concerned friend.

  2. Reverend Unruh

    Are they going to discuss religions use as a first amendment freedom of religion issue, or are those organizations still in denial about our civil rights?

    I’d like them to address Reverend Roger Christie’s incarceration in Hawaii and put together a strategy to actually do something about getting him out.

    If they don’t, I will consider them all to be contemptible frauds.

    Sister Lauren

    THC Ministry
    Pleasant Hill, California
    A Native American Church

  3. bong_jamesbong2001

    I am all for rallies and demos for cannabis, and have attended, and even spoken at, my share of them. And I like conferences, too.

    But I have to question just what one gets for $20 a pop here, and who is getting the $20, and what will it be used for. Back in the old days of the early 1990’s, we used to sit in the courtyard of the Student Union at X University and plan the next demo. No entrance fee, bring your own lunch and ideas, and no advertising campaign. We showed up at the State Capitol Building the next week after marching through town, spoke, got publcity, and some photos in the newspaper…blah, blah, blah.

    And we were just as effective.

    So, for your $20, are you an official, certified, card-carrying Cannabis Activist, entitled to dictate to the other 99.99999999% of cannabis users just HOW legalized (if at all) you will be after the next referendum? A lot of 18-21 years old cannabis tokers and activists want to know, just who is going to sell them out THIS time.

    If you catch my drift….

  4. Ernst Berg

    Public debate is good and I applaud the efforts.

    However we need an internet presence as well.
    Can we get these things on streaming video?

    Interactive chat and live video is a way to include more.

    If it is a question of profits then this is a false god for the legalization movement.

    Oh by the way read the Five Things.http://california2012.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=202

    We all have good ideas and mine is to keep it simple in 2012 and make it just for the people so that we can take a step that won’t fail.

    Legalize for the people in 2012! Forget the all in one since the score for that game is two strikes for prop-19 and a home run for prop-215..
    That is the big clue as to what will pass in 2012..Simple for the people and skip business and drug policy.
    We are still a voter base of Pro and Anti cannabis people so give those that are for rights for people a chance to legalize for the people otherwise if there is just one aspect to the initiative that the voter who would vote yes for the people can point to and say I don’t like that then a yes vote becomes a no vote.

    You see Prop-19 II didn’t compromise as well as it gave most people something to hate.
    The answer isn’t to find a better compromise it is to simplify and legalize for the people first.
    That is the way to change things..

    People first Profits second.

  5. Ernst Berg

    This For-Profit closed loop debate is a sham!

    We don’t need for profit tours we need community organization.

    If we cannot legalize for the people in 2012 we cannot legalize!

    Shame on these people making money purporting to be working on what we the people want.

    Also Shame on those censoring what will get posted of not get posted.

    I experienced the horror of our very own cannabis people shutting other cannabis people up by aggressive censorship in the run up to November 2010 elections.

    So where are out community based groups? Where is those who can lead leading the people to Cannabis Horticulture freedom in 2012?

    Are we now Canna-Rich against Canna-Poor?

    Just remember.. We the people can boycott your dispensaries and that those boycotts can last a long time!

    So where is the Freedom?

    Legalize for the people in 2012..Skip Business and other special interests and free th epeople from Arrest and allow then as large a garden as they can manage in their communities.
    Let them trade cannabis with others!

    If we cannot do these things for the people then why in the hell should the people do even more for cannabis millionaires?

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