It seems a new strain of marijuana has been flying of the shelves of California dispensaries over the past couple weeks, called “Charlie Sheen.” A  dispensary employee told TMZ that more will have to be grown since it’s in such high demand.

This brings up an obvious question: Is this really a new strain, or just an old strain renamed to cash in on the train wreck that is Mr. Sheen? I’m guessing it’s the latter, but as long as the strain is of medicinal quality, it really doesn’t make a difference. I’m sure the “Charlie Sheen” strain is a great conversation starter if nothing else.

Since our magazine is based in Los Angeles, we have a lot of Cali readers I would like to hear from: have you tried the “charlie Sheen” marijuana strain, and if so, what are your thoughts? If the strain isn’t quality, I’m sure we’ll know very soon. And if that’s the case, whoever named the strain should have picked something better to rename. Thanks for all your comments from The 420 Times.

Joe Klare

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  1. DANIEL_7322

    The only thing that seperates the kind of partying Charlie Sheen does to what I used to do is cash. If there aren’t at least a few million young people doing the same thing, then it is a sad day.


    Charlie Sheen:Leaves you with a really bad feeling about the world.

    Non-reproductive traits ENCOURAGED.

    It will burn your brain cells down-then out!


  3. TokenToker

    I had a boy bring me some back from Cali… and My oh My this was some “Pure Power Smoke”. definitely something that would Sit Charlie Sheen’s ass down. The smell alone was beautifully putrid. A total couch lock!

  4. DailyToker

    I would have to agree with Token on this one. 23% THC content will leave you stuck! The taste and smell are so pungent (taste of sweet citrus grove) definitely not something to have on you if you are worried about someone smelling it (Weed Whore’s). LOL I would have to rate this strain a very high 8.. Well everyone enjoy, I was lucky enough to get some here in AZ, so should be heading your way soon.

  5. lizard

    totally have some right now! i love it! i hate the name, but it makes me super productive and if i wanna sleep, i can knock out 😀

  6. midnight toker

    Charlie sheen is an A++ grade, top shelf medical supplement. It has a very potent smell with an euphoric energy rush, no couch lock involved. It creates a semi-paranoia effect that subsides quickly and replaces it with energy. Great strain for cleaning your house. Some people call it cleaners crack. its a hybrid of purely indica, it is green crack x hindu kush.

  7. DvsxFire

    I’d hate to break it to you jokers but this strain is totally fake.

    “Tangerine Dream” by Barney’s Coffee Shop
    2010 1st place High Times Cannabis Cup Winner

    was in development for 7 years before the 2010 cannabis Cup…… SEVEN YEARS !!

    it’s impossible to breed and stabilize a new strain within the time from of Charlie’s downward spiral…

    Unless you want crap!

    It takes no more than 2 secs to change “Super Lemon Haze”
    into “Super Mario Haze” and charge extra for a bag…
    1 second if you have happened to grown crap.

    You guys have forgotten you live along side the American Military Industrial Complex and their minons… don’t believe the hype and educate yours because there are a lot of shady people in this industry.

  8. mike

    i just smoked some charlie and can tell you at least the version i had was A+ on smell taste and high. smoked a .5g bubbler bowl to my head. i have a very high tolerance and im stoned so im happy with it whether its realy a new strain or just some top shelf chronic. defintely has a unique smell and taste. picked up from norcal club

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