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It’s rare that special strains come through my neck of the woods in KY, but I recently scored some Skywalker OG for $25/gram. It struck me in many ways as similar to the “Kush” I reviewed a few months ago. The smell was incredible and let you know that some high quality weed was around, even if you couldn’t see it.

The high was better than the “Kush” though. It didn’t weigh me down, although the body high was intense. The taste was better than the “Kush” also, more flavorful with a slightly more “fruity” taste. The high only lasted about an hour, but it as productive as I like to write while baked. All-in-all a good Kush variation. I might pick up some more if I get the chance, but things like that can be pricey in my area.

Joe Klare

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  1. BestCoast!

    Lol poor thing! 25 a G? But you live in Kentucky, so at least youre close to FORT KNOX for all that gold youll need to buy that…bud you call Skywalker (those pictures are bleh dude)….I just got 1.5 gram of real Skywalker OG from a collective here in Cali. Heres my advice. Move to Cali. Peace.

  2. Jim202020

    Yeah that’s expensive but definitely what it runs for in the east. Its still too rare of a strain for it to not be cheaper. But those are definitely skywalker buds. The thing about it is that it doesn’t look that good on cursory glance because the buds are not uniform, etc. But if you look at it in sunlight it glistens and the taste upon smoking is excellent.

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