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Sexual Dysfunction

By Joe Klare

We decided to devote this month’s “This For That” to the best strains for sexual performance and enhancement, in honor of our reader’s plans (or wishes) for Valentine’s Day.

For many centuries various cultures have used cannabis to enhance sexual relations. But they didn’t have the advantage of superior strain breeding that we have developed today.

Generally speaking, sativas are better for sexual since indicas have a tendency to sap the energy of the user and bring on “couch lock;” meaning any strenuous activity would be discouraged by the effects of the indica strain.

More specifically, there are several sativas – or sativa-dominant hybrids – that are known in many circles as being sexually enhancing for the user; after all, sex and marijuana trigger many of the same responses in the brain and cannabis is well known for its enhancing effects on the senses.

The first strain we’ll discuss is Durban Poison. With bright buds that are densely coated with THC trichomes, DB is characterized by a candy-like taste and a strong, energetic high that is very conductive to physical activity. Jack Herer is another powerful sativa with nugs of a bright green and a smooth flavor that is known for heightening sensual pleasure.

AK-47 is a heavy hybrid that is characterized by a fruity taste and fluffy nuggets. It combines the best sensations of smoking and pleasure perfectly. Killer Queen is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Cinderella 99 and G-13 and serves to awaken the senses and engage the brain, an integral part of the intimacy between partners.

A lesser known strain is a cross between Trainwreck and Neville’s Haze known as Neville’s Wreck. It produces a strong, energetic high that encourages the user to be active. Energy and activity are key to a satisfying intimate experience.

For the more adventurous and culturally curious among our readership, there is an Indian cannabis drink that has been used on the subcontinent for centuries known as “Bhang.” It is used in many spiritual settings for the Indian people, but is also used as part of “tantric” sex. Tantra is an ancient religious and spiritual movement that has evolved – especially in western culture -into a series of techniques to enhance sexual enlightenment.

As always, discuss your options with your doctor, local budtender, and your friends. And don’t be afraid to experiment. The trial and error of finding the perfect strain for you and your partner can be quite an enjoyable experience.

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4 Responses

  1. Ellen Komp

    Jack Herer would love it that the strain named in his honor is a “powerful sativa” that is “known for heightening sensual pleasure.” I often heard him tell the story of his awakening to marijuana by a woman with whom he had “the best sex of his life” (followed by the best brownies he’d ever eaten). As Jack spent decades stumping to make hemp a household word and end the unjust prohibition against that “sativa” (meaning “useful”) plant, he was a powerful sativa indeed. Read more about Jack at

  2. ...

    I actually have a different impression for better or worse: I feel the psychological effects of sativas make me want to do something else, while indicas sort of dumb-me-down enough to be sexually aroused plus these stony strains stimulate the lower body. Maybe it’s different amongst people…

  3. Stephanie

    Love this! Patient came in and asked me about what strain was good for Sex Enhancement. Found this. Will Totally recommend!

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