A mom of four in Oklahoma has been sentenced to ten years in prison after selling $31 of weed to police informants on two separate occasions. The woman and her mother both declined plea deals that would have resulted in two years in prison because it was their first offense and they thought they wouldn’t get much time for such a small amount of marijuana.

So much for that. The woman – Patricia Marilyn Spottedcrow – says she sold the weed to make some extra money. Now her four kids – who authorities say she was endangering because they were in the house when she sold an $11 dime bag – will be without their mother, all because she wanted to make some extra cash.

I’ll grant you that she doesn’t get any points for brains, but is 10 years a fitting punishment for selling $31 of weed? Does Oklahoma have the prison space and resources to waste on a 25 year-old woman with no history of violence?

How many dangerous criminals walk the streets, right now? Why are they on the street and Patricia is serving 10 years? There is no way I can be convinced that this entire ordeal is not a waste of taxpayer’s money. No one dangerous has been removed from the streets and four kids are without their mother.

No one wins in this story.

Joe Klare

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  1. Monterey Bud

    The biggest problem with marijuana is that kids get arrested for smoking it. It is about time that we stopped locking people up for doing something that well over half of us adults have done ourselves at some point in our lives. Jail costs more than $25,000 per year per prisoner with little gain for society.

  2. Justin Michels

    This is tragic, but she needs to keep fighting because what’s going on here is obviously unjust. The reality is that our marijuana laws are out of date and in direct contradiction of their own statutes anyway. Science has proven it is safe and effective medicine, meaning it can no longer be considered a “schedule I narcotic.” Those claiming otherwise need to be held accountable; and our laws need to be changed accordingly.

    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (www.leap.cc) has proven solutions and speakers available for all types of occasions–like talking with lawmakers, judges and others involved with today’s drug war. Even kids, who in this case and too many others are suffering the harshest consequences of this archaic and idiotic policy.

  3. knowa

    Enough is Enough this is a god given plant. Mean while there some kid getting abused that is not as important. Its time these judges and cops need to read the constitution and study the graft and corruption that started and perpetuated this prohibition

  4. John

    My question is… Who the hell sells and/or buys thirty ONE dollars of marijuana? SPECIFICALLY $31? WTF?

    An $11 dime bag? This is stupid. It’s almost as stupid as what is happening to this family.

  5. cotton

    Never sell less than an OZ, the People who can only afford 10 to 30 dollars for there weed, are the ones you must avoid the most… Raise your standards…. And Never do anything in front of the Children…. and I’m almost sure, this was not a Medical Cannabis issue…
    ” Dime Dealer Gets Ten Years…”

  6. Greggo

    10 years for a blunt and a bong hit? Someone should tell the judge that he is not protecting anybody for this jail sentance, including the children, but especially the public. If this is a mandatory sentance by state law, the people of the state should be up in arms about it. The world is changing in drastic and violent ways, and it seems that the reason why is original sin: that of educating ourselves to realize that the all powerful are full of shit.

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