At least 13 states have some kind of marijuana legislation pending in their state houses and assemblies currently.

Medical marijuana is on the table in several states; Hawaii is considering adding compassion centers to its medicinal cannabis industry, and Delaware, Maryland, Kansas, and Idaho are debating the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

Colorado and Rhode Island are considering changes to their medical marijuana programs, including a possible ban on cannabis edibles in CO. A complete ban on medical marijuana is making its way through the legislature in Montana.

In California there is a bill pending that would make it illegal for employers to fire medical marijuana patients for consuming their medicine during off hours.

Decriminalization measures are on deck in Connecticut, Hawaii, and Rhode Island. All of this can be added to full-blown legalization attempts that are coming in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, and Maine over the next couple of years.

Obviously there has never been another time like this in the history of our movement. We must continue to move forward on all fronts, keeping our opponents off balance and flailing for political traction. Now is our time, but only if we make it so.

Joe Klare

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  1. Dusty Sommers

    …Working now with My State Reps on Decriminalization in RI…. worked for years to get Medical…and it came out nice… if you dont work for it…ya dont get it… simple as that!
    So if your out there working and its gets turned down…try and try again….. the Tide is turning and every state needs money… trust Me… ūüôā

  2. Jason Wilder

    Kentucky just passed House Bill 463 which reduces the sentence for possession of Marijuana from a class A Misdemeanor (upto a $ 500 fine AND upto 1 year in jail) to a class B and further states referring offenders to substance abuse treatment rather than jail. We’re not there yet, but it is an impressive victory for us. We will keep you posted!!

  3. Zipo Morrell

    I want to believe that someday I can smoke God’s sweet gift without fear of prosecution. However, I am of little faith.Therefore, I support the Mexican cartel and give them a true heart felt thanks for taking the risks to supply me and me and my wife (who has terminal cancer) with her meds and my recreation.

    Pretty twisted, but it’s my reality.

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