On Saturday a 10,000 square foot cannabis-growing emporium will open its doors in Sacramento, CA, with merchandise and experts on hand; everything a medical marijuana grower would need to get started.

The company behind the weGrow Hydroponics store in California’s capitol plans on opening stores in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, and Oregon; they were also behind the iGrow cannabis outlet opened in Oakland last year.

Medical marijuana growing stores are a huge business opportunity as more states legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes. Not only is there potential for tens of thousands of new jobs, but potential for huge tax receipts for the government; local, state, and federal.

Whether some like it or not, legal marijuana – medicinal or otherwise – is a big business, and it’s only going to get bigger as time goes on. If you are one of those that likes to “get in on the ground floor” of things, now is the time when it comes to cannabis.

Joe Klare

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  1. mike s

    weGrow, coined the “Walmart of Weed” is opening this weekend in Sacramento leaving behind a failed store in Oakland that had its Grand Reopening just a few short months ago. weGrow Oakland and its founder Dhar Mann are embroiled in a slew of lawsuits, labor disputes and complaints of local corruption. Several suits have been filed by employees and vendors for uncollected paychecks and payments on goods and services received. They have suffered in Oakland due to poor sales and a lack of supply due to alienating themselves from the industry. Dhar himself has made promises to potential franchisees of significant operating revenue and profit all while his own store was suffering and now ultimately shut down. I would encourage anyone doing a story to do their research and search the Alameda County court records for pending suits, mechanic liens on his building, labor disputes and situations of unpaid vendors.

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