On Monday the Indiana Senate is going to vote on a marijuana study commission bill – SB 192. The study would focus on Indiana’s marijuana laws and where things can be changed.

From our friends at MPP:

Please take action and e-mail all the senators, asking them to co-author and support S.B. 192. Hoosier legislators need to hear from you about why Indiana’s marijuana laws need revision. Please pass this on to your friends and family so that everyone you know can take action on this important bill to change Indiana’s future.

If SB 192 passes, the committee formed to study the issue could recommend legalizing medical marijuana or even taxing and regulating recreational cannabis use. As someone who only lives about 20 miles from the Indiana border, these don’t seem likely scenarios. But the fact that this is being talked about in a state like Indiana shows massive progress in the marijuana law reform movement.

Share this information with all your friends. A study is a big first step in a state like Indiana. And every state is teeming with sick people in need of the option of medical cannabis.

Update: IN Senate Approves Study 28-21

Joe Klare

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  1. Sage mulholland

    I am going to make this very short and simple..marijuana should at the very least be decriminalized. Whats the use ib giving someone a felony for a second possesion charge when ppl with meth or crack should be more focused upon.legalize our medicine!

  2. Matt Ramey

    I agree that medical should be available to those who need it, but the none medical kind smoked everyday by too many people needs to stay illegal. and it needs to remain a felony. now on sages point, i agree that meth and crack should get more attention, but weed is still bad.

  3. Josh

    Please tell me how u think weed is bad. when will people understand that there are zero bad things when it comes to pot.. do ur research u will not find anyway that pot can hurt u n anyway!!

  4. shawn

    all the bs about pot being bad was feed to the public through a government smear campaign by one man i cant rember his name but it was all lies all you need to is just watch some documentary’s on how pot became so “bad” and open your gd eyes people

  5. fart knocker

    if Mike Pence becomes Indiana’s governor in 2012 you are going to see more than the 13 million that they now spend on the war on marijuana in Indiana. Mike Pence & Mark Souder both authored a bill in CON-GRE$$ to eradicate medical marijuana in the states that passed laws to allow medical marijuana. It did not pass, but this idiot Mike Pence plans on running for POTUS in 2020 or sooner…

  6. fart knocker

    @MattRamey says: you are some kind of f%cking idiot aren’t you?!? Weed should be a FELONY??? Marijuana smokers should be locked up with pedophiles, rapists, robbers & other real felonies? You are so God damned stupid that you don’t even know that you are stupid!

  7. Derek

    Easy guys… It just seems that he (Matt Romney) isn’t as informed as we are on the subject. We should educate him instead of bashing him. We might be able to change his mind if we do it in a civil respectful way. He already agrees it’s good for medicinal purposes so it’s a step in the right direction. Anyway, I can’t stand the black cloud that follows the word ‘marijuana’. To some people it’s like talking about the devil or pornography. We have to get it out of that ‘cloud’!!

  8. Art Knocker

    @shawn: that would be Harry J. Anslinger in the 1930’s. not even a U.S. citizen (immigrant) who stated to CON-GRE$$: that negroes & mexicans would smoke marijuana, play their “satanic music” (jazz/blues) and would then rape your white women. This dick-‘tard not only did this bullsh%t in the U.S., but went to every continent & made “pacts” with their governments. and more than likely they (foreign governments) were paid with U.S. tax dollars.

  9. Josh!

    I must agree with my esteemed colleague’s interpretation, education and information must be our first line of defense! Those who rant and scathe at individuals who oppose 192 only hinder our position and delay the eventual education of the misinformed. The “Black Cloud” will pass….when is up to us! Do something about it! 🙂

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