A Toronto-based Church who was seeking exemption from the country’s cannabis laws has had their case dismissed by a Canadian Superior Court Judge. The Church says cannabis is their sacrament and brings them closer to God. The judge – Madam Justice Thea Herman – disagreed.

According to lawyers representing the church, “the state is infringing on the Universe church-goers’ Charter right of Freedom of Religion.” It seems courts in Canada – and here in the U.S. for that matter – don’t  care about cannabis being a “religious sacrament.” They are more worried about adults being exposed to the evil marijuana than being free to practice their religion in the way they please.

If some people want to gather and praise God and the wonderful plant he lets them grow, what’s the big deal? Who are these people hurting? Now, if they start trying to “bump off” members of a rival church, the police need to step in. But as far as I know, they were just smoking weed.

What a waste of Canadian taxpayer money. Canada must be a crime-free country for the police and courts to be able to waste so much time on pot-smoking church goers.

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  1. matt mernagh

    very disappointing news. watched the justice read the ruling and there were many moments when i thought for sure the reverends were going to win. hopefully they’ll appeal this ruling, it’s lower court, and have better luck convincing two out of three judges they ain’t bad.

  2. daniel_7322

    It seems for now that at least one person residing in Canada is truly free. Search for “Bud Oracle” on youtube to see what I mean. He runs a pot shop from 5 ’till 9 with sundays off. He usually has several kinds of weed on the menu as well as MDMA, DMT, LSD, and magic mushrooms.

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