While California’s Proposition 215 provides protections for those who grow cannabis for medicinal purposes, if you are a CA grower and not legal under 215, you currently face a mandatory felony and jail time. Everyone’s favorite assemblyman – Tom Ammiano – wants to change that.

The bill written by Mr. Ammiano (D) would give district attorneys a choice between charging an illegal grower with a felony or misdemeanor – a choice they don’t have now. District Attorney David Eyster of Mendocino County, CA backs the bill. As many of you know, Mendocino County is one of the top marijuana-producing areas in the United States.

It seems unnecessary and wasteful in this age of budget deficits and shrinking resources to make every person caught growing a pot plant go to jail. Thankfully there are politicians like Tom Ammiano who see this and are willing to do something about it.

Joe Klare