Numerous reports are coming in from across the country of people smoking, snorting, or injecting “bath salts” and ending up in the emergency room because of it. These powders are considered so dangerous by some, that a few states have already started the process of banning them.

With an effect akin to that of meth, ingesting these powders can cause hallucinations, rapid heart beat, and suicidal thoughts; one man used a skinning knife to slice his face and stomach repeatedly after consuming the powder.

Much like so-called synthetic weed, these designer drugs can be very dangerous. Any number of chemicals can be inside, and there is no one of knowing how your body will react to them.

It makes you wonder what makes some people want to experiment with things like this. Cannabis is such a wonderful and euphoric plant, but it is not for everyone. Some people just want to be on the “cutting edge” of experiences. That’s a shame, because they are missing a natural and fulfilling “high.”

Having said that, the only effect banning these chemicals will have is keeping them in the news and alerting more people that you can get “high” on bath salts. Prohibition never works, no matter what it is you’re banning.

Joe Klare

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  1. Guy-with-a-Brain

    Crystal Meth, Crack Cocaine, and now a whole new range of potentially deadly chemicals . . .

    all creations arising from prohibition.

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