In Search Of The World’s Strongest Weed

From the plains of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan to the slopes of Vancouver Island in British Columbia to the Emerald Triangle in Northern California, high-quality cannabis abounds on this planet.

By Joe Klare

Many of you know the kind I’m talking about. The kind that you can feel behind your eyes after just one hit. The kind you can smell before you even see it. The kind of marijuana you think of when you hear words like “dank” and “chronic.”

But what is the “best” weed you can smoke – or eat or vaporize? We’ve all asked that question, and many have gone looking for the answer. But when it comes to marijuana, the “best” is very subjective. A strain that a medical cannabis patients finds is the best can be very different from a strain a recreational smoker considers better than all others. Different people look for different effects from weed.

What about the “strongest” weed? This can still be a subjective area, but when considering the strongest weed we are on a more solid footing. Things like THC content can be good indicators as to how “strong” a strain is – meaning how effective is the high it produces.

This is where the subjective part comes in. You can smoke a strain with a 25% THC content, and your buddy smokes one at 23%, and he may “feel” higher than you. It depends on the person, and how the other cannabinoids in the strain interact with the THC. even things like a person’s weight can determine how high they get; obviously the blood of someone who weighs 350 pounds has father to travel than someone who clocks in at 150. Then you have to consider the other chemical levels in their body.

Many cannabis strains have registered over 20% THC content, and therefore have to be considered when talking about the strongest weed in the world.

They include: AK-47, White Russian, Hawaiian Snow, Durban Poison, and G-13. A problem arises though when considering THC content because seed companies and dispensaries alike have reason to fudge the numbers up a little. In fact, there are some who dispute that strains even have 20+% THC (concentrates – like budder or hash – are a different story of course; we are only talking about the cannabis itself).

Mobius Dank from TGA Genetics singled out his Vortex strain when we asked him about the world’s strongest weed. “As Cheeky as it is to pick from my own work it would have to absolutely be our Vortex, It tested really high in the mid to low 18’s [%] on THC production; it also has a cbd of .59 and a CBN of .80. Now these results alone don’t tell us about the type of high me and Ed both believe that high type is determined by Terpine profile. Vortex is easily my fav weed to smoke and its extremely potent. I have seen it make moderate users sick and beads of sweat pop out on their foreheads.”

A cross between Apollo-13 and Space Queen, Vortex is a Cannabis Cup award winner. The plant itself yields incredibly sticky buds, known for their unique smell and uplifting high. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Dank’s notes on Vortex: “Very gooey obviously. Definitely more sativa and has a very pungent sour tropical fruit/ammonia smell that no ziplock can confine. Two tokes is all that’s needed for this med user but of course we rarely stop there when it tastes this good. Finger sized joint, inhale … pack the lungs … push it deeper … EARS tingling …. EARS ringing …. exhale and mellow rush comes over the body. Inhale … pack lungs … push it deeper … ears ringing …. eye’s getting floaters and stars … exhale and paterns start to form on the carpet and ceiling if you let your focus fade.

Repeat …. repeat ….. repeat …… testing …. Major Tom to ground control …. its so beautiful up here man!”

But for some, there is a rare strain that is considered the holy grail of cannabis. It most commonly goes by the name of Asian Fantasy. According to legend, the genetics for the strain were only known to one person who hoarded the seeds and wouldn’t share the genetics with anyone. The legend also says that the genetics were eventually lost and the strain went extinct.

That last part of the legend happens to be untrue, as the strain can still be found in some places, including the Holistic Therapeutic Center in Valley Village, California. When we contacted Liz from HTC, she gave us the following strain review of AF:

“Looks: A dense bright green nug that is curved like a crab claw. Covered with trichomes that look like dew drops will make anyone’s eyes pop out of their head. Bright red hairs peek out of this flower but even the hairs have some crystals on them. Asian Fantasy is a sight to behold.

Aroma: A sweet and sour pungent aroma that overtakes the senses. One sniff will linger in your senses and haunt your dreams. The aroma of the Asian fantasy has such a kick to it that you can almost taste the potency.

Taste: Asian Fantasy has an unmistakable fresh intense taste to it. Some say spicy some say sweet but however it hits you that hit will be harsh and memorable to your lungs. The after taste is not like cotton mouth at all, more like an exploration into the different flavors you can pick up on from the last hit.

Effects: I describe it as a “mini Burning Man trip”. This is a psychedelic trip without taking LSD. Your thoughts will be like veins in the body….branching off in different directions and leading to unknown places. The sky’s the limit with this high! There is no peak to the mountain top or in other words the high just keeps on coming. There is no heavy body high other than a slight floaty or tingling sensation.

Target Patients: This is for the artist or creative being in everyone. Asian Fantasy is for someone who wants to be energetic, alert and have inspirational thoughts. This is not the type of strain that a novice should try on a whim. Asian Fantasy is for those who are prepared for and enjoy a mind-boggling riproaring time! HTC says buckle up and enjoy the ride!”

While it may be impossible in the end to say one strain is the strongest weed in the world, the search is a fascinating, and quite enjoyable. One thing is for sure: enhanced genetics and improved growing technology means that cannabis will continue to get stronger. Whatever is the strongest weed today may find itself supplanted from the throne tomorrow.

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  1. Steve Smith

    Cannabis can surpass the 20% THC level, I happen to know this because I contracted with CW Analytical Laboratories (Robert Martin Ph.D.) who tested everything that i have been breeding at Heaven Scent Organic Horti-Pharm Collective LLC. According to Dr. Martin my version of (T. H. Seeds, THE HOG) that I crossed with Maple leif was tipping the THC scale at 25%!, and my Morrning Glory, (Barney’s Farm) tested out at 3% higher than the 20% listed on the seed pack.

  2. Mike

    I recently signed up as a patient at htc and tried what was recommended in this issue of 420time’s article “in search of the strongest weed” and I was amazed. Not only did they have plenty of the Asian fantasy, but the quality of these strains were phenominal! Their bottom shelf could be compared to most other clubs top top shelf. I will definitely be going back to this place for some more Asian fantasy! Hold on to it for me guys!

  3. vivian mcp

    Blue Magoo blows Vortex away. Anyone who knows regards Magoo as the King. Funny how the guy picks one of his own strains. Disqualified.

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