Michigan medical cannabis patient and former Walmart employee Joseph Casias gets his day in court, starting yesterday before a federal judge.

Joseph was fired by Walmart for testing positive for marijuana on a drug test. His firing was upheld by Walmart despite his legal medical marijuana patient status, his brain tumor, or his 2008 “Employee of The Year” award. Mr. Casias then brought suit aginst the retail giant, and here we are.

“Joseph is exactly the kind of patient Michigan voters had in mind when they passed the [Michigan Medical Marihuana Act],” read an ACLU statement when the lawsuit was first filed. “We’re asking the court to not allow Wal-Mart to punish Joseph for merely taking refuge from his pain, and using marijuana as allowed by state law. Corporations should never be allowed to force patients to choose between their health care and their job.”

A victory for Joseph Casias would be a huge win for medical cannabis patients all over the country. To have a legal precedent against employers firing legal medical marijuana patients would be important to the entire marijuana law reform movement.

Good luck Joseph, we are all pulling for you.

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