This is a very interesting video from an Australian news channel which features a heated debate between Ethan Nadelmann from The Drug Policy Alliance and a stereotypical “Drug Warrior” – albeit a particularly obnoxious one. I guess this is what passes for discourse in Australia, but either way, their dug war is a visible failure – much like the one here in the U.S.

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  1. daniel_7322

    Some days I feel that it’s business as usual, that there’s simply too much money involved, and that cannabis will never be legalised. On days like today however, I simply must shake my head in amazement that this foolishness is still going on, and at the stupidity of it all. How can anyone still buy into this farce? I guess they will believe whatever they are told.

  2. Daniel

    SERIOUSLY, this has gone on long enough!!! Look at amsterdam, it is a perfectly good and safe place to be. Marijuana does not impair you like most of the legal things available, like alcohol. It should be legalised everywhere because all the government are doing is being dick heads and spending everyones money on finding people selling marijuana and possessing it. If it was legalised the government could stop this tax and start making money, but their too stupid to realise. This is true what the guy said in this video, we have grown up with marijuana being illegal so we all think its a bad thing that impairs you, makes you do stupid things and harms your body. IT DOES NONE OF THOSE THINGS. Marijuana gives the user a relaxing feeling which feels good after a long days work and you just want to relax with the family or with a couple of mates. and also it doesn’t not harm your body in any way. No one has ever died by direct use of marijuana. Some people have died smoking it because their smoking it which is bad for you anyway. If it was eaten then it would be 100% safe and would even have some health benefits, including pain relief, even it can be said to be the cure for cancer. Nobody I know ever has actually ever got any problems, long or short term from the use of marijuana. Seriously, the leaders of the world need to get their heads out of their asses and start helping society instead of killing it.

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