We continue our series on what California medical cannabis dispensaries think of Prop 19. Today’s response comes from Mendocino Coast Care Collective in Gualala, CA when asked about Prop 19.

“We ABSOLUTELY plan to vote for it.

To vote against it – is unconscionable. We vote no, and our legislators who are already in the pocket of big business and industry  will be able to say “the voters have spoken”…and it will set us back 15 years.

The voter initiative is flawed, but only because it leaves it to local municipalities …..it is still a step in the only sane direction, complete legalization – with  regulation and of course taxation.

The state legislators, if given a yes by the voters, have the ability to take it up – and clean up the legislation – we the people would just need to keep up the pressure on them.

That people loose their freedom and go to jail, that true patients loose custody of their children over this, that HUD subsidized patients can be kicked out of their housing for merely have a recommendation from a physician, that we cannot properly fund medical research, that we cannot grow industrial hemp which is one of the best green options for SO MANY things – is unconscionable.

Yes, it will disrupt the huge underground economy, but perhaps if people open their eyes, they will find that it could help the small to medium family farmer.

IF we can lobby our legislators to regulate DOWN the size of grow operations to “x” acres, with absolutely no cross ownership ie: no big business – then we will have preserved the family farm, eliminated the trespass grower, but the screws to the cartels, propped up our economy and created a municipal revenue stream – all while just plain doing the right thing.  The people involved in this “economy” who vote no – do it only out greed. Shame on them.

Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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  1. California

    We were just robbed by a grower for our $8000 dollar investment in lights and 5 pounds so worst case $20,000. He befriended us for over 8 months and has a legal dispensary in Anaheim. He came to our house and at gun point too half the grow equipment and the medication. Our lives have been threatened if we go to the police. What would you? This is the new crime if this becomes legal. Serious what would you do if you were in our position?

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