The Botwins/Newmans continue their life on the run, purchasing a RV from a woman whose pastor-husband seems to have run afoul of the law. She is selling cheap and the Botwins are in a buying mood – even though the RV has “God is Awesome” emblazoned across the side and is filled with sex toys and Israeli gay porn.

The family stops at an out of the way trailer park full of interesting people that are on the run as well. Andy decides to play up the God RV and pretend to be a pastor to bilk their new neighbors out of money.

As Nancy is known to do when she gets sexually frustrated, she finds a random guy to have sex with and we are treated to a minute or two of soft-core porn, this time with a still smokin’ hot Nancy and Zac from “Saved By The Bell.”

Things implode in the end when “Zac’s” wife comes to the RV to scream at Nancy. The man Andy baptized for money is doped up on meth, and his “congregation” turns on him, so the Botwins rush back to the RV and high tail it out of the park.

They are back on the road with their hash dryers, ready for what life on the run brings them. A very entertaining episode, the best of the season so far.

Joe Klare

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