The United State Of Weed is a weekly series where we recap all of the cannabis-related political developments happening in The United States at the state level. If you know of any new political developments in your state in regards to marijuana law reform – whether it be medicinal or otherwise – let us know at

From The 420 Times:

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CA: Gmail Creator Donates $100,000 To Prop 19

CA: Snoop Dogg On Prop 19

CA: NORML Urges Yes Vote On Prop 19

CO: A Reader’s Thoughts On The CO/DEA Case

CO: Colorado Springs Makes $50,000 A Month From Medical Cannabis

From Around The Web:

MT: Request to Lift Medical Marijuana Ban Rejected

NM: Medical Pot Patient Ineligible For Housing Subsidy

WA: The Latest Enabler Of  A Marijuana Industry

WA: Raid of Medical Marijuana Patient Raises Questions About Law

AZ: Arizona To Consider Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative

SD: Businesses Hope To Benefit From Marijuana Law

OR: Measure 74: It’s Time to Fix The System

CO: Pot Initiative Will Be Counted

If your state didn’t make this week’s “United State Of Weed,” it’s most probably because there is no recent political cannabis news coming from that state. If there is a story I missed, let me know at

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