United States Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that not only is the Justice Department opposed to Prop 19, they will “vigorously enforce the CSA (Controlled Substances Act) against those individuals and organizations that possess, manufacture or distribute marijuana for recreational use, even if such activities are permitted under state law.”

I know there are some who held out hope for a different answer, but this administration has shown time and again that they are no different than the Bush Administration when it comes to cannabis. Medical marijuana raids continue despite claims to the contrary, Obama laughs off cannabis questions at his online town halls, and now this hostile reaction to a ballot measure that hasn’t even been voted on yet.

We’ve always known that new battlefronts will open up if Proposition 19 passes. Court challenges and federal “paybacks” are inevitable. So we must fight for victory now, while getting prepared to defend what we have won. It is the ebb and flow of war, whether the war be political or violent. Our activism will win the day, not matter how much the feds want to throw at us.

Make no mistake, this is a political war we can’t afford to lose.

Joe Klare

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Joe Klare has been writing about marijuana issues for the past 5 years online, in print and on air.

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  1. Daniel

    So “majority rules”, and “democracy” are no longer valid? This prop needs to pass before it becomes illegal to patition against existing laws. Some of our people believe that we are becomeing a closed society. This is very scary!

  2. Daniel

    Just as a side note, I wonder if private prison is such big business now that the Feds are willing to incarcerate 10% of Californians

  3. Greggo

    I tried posting on Facebook, and think I got censured, so here goes. Eric Holder is an attorney general, and as candidate for attorney general of California has also said, he will prosecute a law that was arbitrarily passed in the 30s instead of up holding a law of self determination passed by the PEOPLE of the state of California, and he will sue the state of California and its PEOPLE if the proposition passes. The Feds are saying they can afford to pursue the citizens they are supposedly elected into office by, but they cannot rebuild the city of New Orleans some 5 years later. They can spend a billion dollars or more on eradication efforts, law enforcement, prisons and just wasting peoples time, but they cant get water to their own citizens in CRISIS for a week or more. Something is plain wrong with their priorities, and we as citizens should be OUTRAGED that the government doesnt allow us our own self determination

  4. tom

    I really cant stand this. Back in the day it was all about WHAT THE PEOPLE WANTED. Today its nothing but what our government wants. This whole country is f**ked up and our first presidents would be so ashamed of this country today. Nobody in that white house or any government building knows SH*T about our history. If they did they would understand Alchohol prohibition and how that didnt help at all. I actually just watched a show last night on it. They did the same thing the cops are doing with weed, except without al capone, its the mexicans doing the EXACT same type of murders. They dont even have a reason to not want it legal. Nobody can prove ANY deaths from it. Of course we can prove millions of deaths per year from alchohol related accidents and cigarettes causing every type of cancer known to man. But HEY lets keep those legal right ? NO you dumbasses!!! Its sad, i feel like this government is out to end the world. they want people to die. thats what it is. Any one with common sense would see it that way. No wonder every country f**kin hates us. i seriously understand that now. We think we can control THE PEOPLE and tell them what to do and not to do, and We do the same f**kin thing with other countries. Always putting our noses in their business like we run the world. I couldnt imagine if afghan or russia or anyone came to our country and tried telling us what to do or whats good. Nobody thinks about that. They need too. I can only hope everyone who reads this understands what im saying and i hope you feel the same way. Theirs WAY MORE citizens in this country then our government. I wish there was a way to overthrow the government and have people WE want in it. Nothing but a bunch of old fat guys ready to die , so they can careless what happens to the world. OH and of course obama trying to please everyone in the whitehouse. thats all this country is about any more PERIOD! Is what our government wants, we dont have a say anymore. Them claiming to keep arrestting people for marijuana even if its legal on november 2? Grow the f**k up. Something needs to happen. NOW!

  5. mike

    I understand and agree with you Tom, our federal government is one screwed up bunch of greedy bastards who only care about how much money they have and how much control they have over everyone, yes they stick there nose in too deep into not only other countries business but also the private lives of our own citizens,they think they have the right to control everyone, I think it is time for a revolution.

  6. Greggo

    I just cant seem to get over this. And I dont think many realize that the people in the government have always and will always pursue both their agenda and the agenda of their financers. We the people mean nothing when there are millions to be made off of prosecuting normal people who just dont want alcohol to be the only end of day relaxer. We need to be the fore-runner of legislation to shake the feds up a little and at least reschedule marijuana to a class II drug, so that research can be done here in the United States, instead of other countries. If it passes or doesnt pass, people will still be smoking, and it would really be nice to know that it is not being sprayed by Parquat or
    Roundup or Agent Orange down in Mexico

  7. Dave K

    I don’t think that any of us are surprised that the feds would come out as strongly as they could against proposition 19. We need to pay attention to the fact that the drug war has cost one trillion dollars so far, imprisoned over twenty million people for marijuana, and managed to achieve none of its original ten goals. What I did not hear in their statements was what they plan to do to achieve their goals for the Drug War or how they expect that continuing to do what has failed over and over again will benefit the people of the United States. What I don’t understand is why they expect the people of California to listen to them when they are clearly not competent to deal with the problem. It is clear that the states are in a better position to make the decision of whether to allow an unregulated market for the state’s number one cash crop or to tax and regulate marijuana. I continue to support proposition 19 despite the intended interference of the feds.

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